Where is the rain?

Where is the rain?? It’s the end of July and we have hardly had any rain.  The last good shower occurred towards the end of June. Barely a drop since then. I am genuinely worried. No rain means, water shortage all through the year, load shedding, increased prices of perishable agricultural products and numerous serious problems in the rural areas. Every since I joined ACF, rural communities have become important for me. Earlier they matter but in a theoretical context, now they matter in a very practical, concrete and real manner.

Mumbai feels strange without the rains. We are used to the grand annual event of our city flooding, the potholed roads, the floaters, umbrella and the raincoats, the delayed train services and the occasional unexpected holiday. We love the steaming cup of cutting chai served along with kanda bhajia. In this concrete jungle there are hardly any green spots, but whatever little plantation we have, gets revived every monsoon. The city most definitely looks greener and cleaner! Navi Mumbai gets its seasonal waterfalls- they look beautiful from the window in my house. Besides the aspects that we love, there are things we could do without. Travelling in the rains is a pain. Dripping people and dripping umbrellas!! Eeks! trains that allow the rain to come in through the windows and doors ,ensuring you reach work/ home at least partially wet. Reaching late for appointments. Traffic jams. There are loads of things that would make monsoons better if they dint occur at all! Lol! But whatever said and done, I love the rains.           

Its beginning to drizzle.May be it will rain.  I hope  and pray the rain gods are in a benevolent mood today.

One thought on “Where is the rain?

  1. well girl….out here its supposed to be summer but its def not coz of the unpredictable innumerable showers….i’m enjoying a bit however what the whole scene misses the most is the roadside cutting chai and that kandha bhajias…of course there’s starbucks and gregg’s but they do not serve the most loved mentioned above…

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