The perfect word to describe my present state. Before you draw any incorrect conclusions, let me clarify that the subject doesn’t refer to my sudden love for the Corrs famous song. 😛

 I have been struck by the dreadful cold. Only day before I was telling my  mother that this monsoon has been very kind to me. No cold, cough or fever till now. I think I spoke too soon.  😦  I have now been in a breathless state for two days. I can’t smell anything and have lost a good part of my sense of taste too. The Discovery Channel is right when it says that the sense of taste is strongly associated with the sense of smell. If you can’t smell properly, you can’t taste properly either. And to boot I have developed a fever. Great! I hate colds. They put you in a weird state- you are not really sick and you are not fully fit. Sitting at home is boring and going to office is strictly not allowed. So what are you supposed to do with yourself?!?! Any ideas? 


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