Monsoon in Mumbai

I think I am writing too often about the rains. But then its been raining so heavily lately that my life seems to be governed by the rain gods! I have to bow to their powers, right?          

 Yesterday, the city panicked. In the evening there was prediction of  a high tide and it had been raining continuously since three days or so. News of low lying areas getting flooded quickly spread to other parts of the city. Our generally inert Admin Deptt. sprung into action. It decided to do its good deed of the day and arranged for the office to close at 3 pm instead of the usual 5.45pm. Aaha! What joy !! Unexpected holidays are such fun! Actually unexpected half- holidays are also just as much fun too! I am flexible- a holiday is a holiday. I don’t care if its half a day or a full day.

 So this weekend started earlier than expected but till now it has been an uneventful, slow, wet one. I am still recovering from my cold so I have strict instructions not too venture out in the fierce rains. Which means that I am practically a prisoner in my own home! A few precious minutes in the morning were spent looking out of the window- I love watching the rain- raindrops against the backdrop of the trees and buildings, people scrambling for cover, the bhajiwala with his cart who refuses to take a day off even when its pouring, the stray dogs looking for shelter, the waterfalls on the distant mountains, the kids playing in the rain on the roof of the opposite building- there is an amazing amount of activity happening during the rains. Late afternoon saw me altering some clothes. Desperate measures for desperate people. With so much time on hand and relatively little to keep me occupied, I turned to one of my least favourite activities-purely for lack of other more exciting options. The activity made me realise two things- a) once in a while doing boring, routine activities are therapeutic b)even to do these seemingly mindless, dull activities you need a fair amount of skill. And since I do these things so rarely, I largely lack the necessary skills!

By the evening the skies cleared for a little while. So mum and I made a dash to the local market to buy essentials- the standard eggs-bread-milk routine. By the time we were back, it was  pouring again. I  volunteered to put together dinner and prepared a quick and easy meal.( Remember its about the thought behind the action. So even if I made a very easy meal, it counts!!).I must say the rains are making me contribute to the household chores a lot more than I usually do!! My mum must really like the rains!;) Actually, she finds the weather somewhat depressing but I am sure she loves the way the weather forces her daughter to do those dreaded household chores! 

 For lack of anything better to write on my blog today, I have collated a list of things I associate with monsoons-some I like and some I could live without. The list is in no particular order. Feel free to add to the list by dropping in your comments.

  • Water everywhere!
  • Strong, gusty winds
  • Floaters and rubber chappals
  • Multi -coloured umbrellas- that usually last a season or two at the most!
  • Kids with fluorescent raincoats
  • Rolled up jeans
  • A hot cup of Chai/ Coffee
  • Bhajiya with lots of ketchup
  • Bhutta – made on hot coals by the man who sits on a street corner
  • Roads made of puddles 😛
  • Traffic jamsL
  • Road travel that rearranges your bone structure ( because of the fabulous condition of the roads!)
  • Stinky people on public transport
  • Delayed trains
  • Moss/algae covered exterior walls.Yuckkk
  • Bunking work 😀
  • Radio channels that play rain songs
  • Heavy downpour on the day that the Met. Dept predicts “light to moderate rains in city and suburban areas”
  • Monsoon sales!
  • Fresh green clean plants and trees
  • Rajnigandha stalks freely and economically available at the local flower vendor
  • Cold, cough and fever L

PS: This is my lastest post on the rains. I promise I shall refrain from writing on the monsoons from hence forth!

One thought on “Monsoon in Mumbai

  1. In Chennai, rains arrive not in the monsoon but rather in early or pre winter months (no we dont have a winter but just so that you know which months). Here’s what strikes me:
    Milagai Bhajji – Green chilly bhajji

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