Snip Snip

I have finally done it!After contemplating for over ten long months, I have finally got a haircut!I grew it on an whim and I cut it on a whim. The hair is much shorter than I had originally planned but I guess if you take too long to make changes(however minor) in your life, nature conspires to give you a little push.

In my case the hairdresser was a representative of nature’s conspiracy- he promised to cut my hair as per strict instructions given and while cutting changed his mind! So now the below- waist hair, just about brush my shoulders. Pretty drastic,eh?

Just an hour back I entered the building at the same time as the lady of the first floor.I wished her a good evening. In response she gave me a blank look. She was having serious difficulty recognising me!! Granted she is 60+ and has poor eye sight but helllooo? My hair has changed , not my face!! I can’t really figure out if this particular change is looks good, but it sure feels good.

8 thoughts on “Snip Snip

  1. I think your mum’s thumb over the lense is a wonderful artistic statement in the world of common household photography. I applaud her sensitivty and subtle artistic temprament!

  2. so finally M manages to do something not planned! i think its great! and its loks brilliant as well! finally we get to see something different! yippie!!!!

  3. i must tell u she bullied me into this …
    but seriously …. i think it looks great
    such a welcome change
    gives it so much more life n bounce
    n it’s way below ur shoulders …relax , look beautiful n enjoy it

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