Here to stay!

A realisation has hit me. 

I have very limited writing skills. I can’t write fiction. I can’t write poems that rhyme. I can’t write poems in blank verse. I can’t write flowery paragraphs extolling the beauty of nature, the scent of the flowers, the experience of leading an expedition to Mars and whatever else. In fact, if you were to critically analyse my writing skills, you would find them to be extremely average. 

When I began blogging I was sure I wouldn’t last a week. What would I write about? Would what I write make sense to people?  What if people dislike what I wrote and how I wrote it? Would I run out of subject after a few days? And what would I do once that happens?

It’s amazing. I have been here about a month and I am still finding things to write about. I have come to the conclusion, that whether I am good or bad isn’t the point any longer. I am happy to write and that’s what matters! So those of you who thought I was gonna get outa here, tough luck!:P

3 thoughts on “Here to stay!

  1. i love reading it bring you to life in my boring life out here and i’m also able to almost imagine your expressions :)— keep writing given that im not a regular blogger i know i can always stop by for a regular read!

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