Every time I go to buy a pair of footwear-whether chappals, shoes, sandals or floaters; I come back home frustrated. For some mysterious reason I never find footwear my size. This is not a recent phenomenon. I have been facing this problem  since a long, long time. There can be only two possible reasons for this. Either I am a member of the rare species that has a foot size of 4 or shoe companies just don’t see the need to produce shoes in small sizes. I don’t find shoes in the kid’s section because they don’t make shoes that big and  I don’t find shoes in the adult’s section because they don’t make shoes that small!! Most of the times I make several visits to shoes shops and eventually buy just any shoe that is size 4. Whether it is fluorescent yellow or not isn’t even discussed. If it fits, I buy it! Such is the tragedy of my life. 😦  I am desperately on the look out for a pair of floaters. I need them for my impending trip to Chandrapur. I hope I am able to find them in time. 

Now that I think of it, I haven’t had an easy time with jeans and trousers either. If the waist fits  the length is too long. If the length is ok, the waist doesn’t fit. I don’t think I have ever  purchased a pair without having the length altered.  I think I am awfully disproportionate!! Or may be, just may be these guys who are into mass production of jeans/trousers use women who are 5’8 as their sample of the average Indian woman!

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