Gloating..a little..

This isn’t even worth writing a whole post on, but I am too excited to not mention it. I was going through Miss Lobo’s blog last night when I accidentally clicked on the widget. It asked me to fill in my email address and password and what do I discover the next second? I had opened myself a account. There was a minor problem with that- I didn’t know what was!!! To figure that out I went to my trusted guru, google, read up a bit and realized I hadn’t made a grave error by opening an account with them.  On an experimental basis I uploaded a few pics and songs and then spent 2.5 hours desperately trying to link what I had uploaded on to my blog. By mid night I was too tired to care and threw in the towel. Today morning I sent Ms.Lobo a congratulatory note expressing how impressed I was with her skills at using information technology. I asked another friend for an explanation to the failure message I was getting each time I tried to link and wordpress. He explained, I couldn’t follow a word. 

 As I sat fidgeting with and wordpress again tonight, I wasn’t expecting any miracles-  I was imply idling time. As is always the case, when you least expect it, things happen. And just like that, while I was working without a plan or aim, I managed to figure out what I was doing wrong last night. I  tried add a picture to my blog and succeeded. Then I tried a song. That worked too!! Who says accidental learning doesn’t occur?!!  

Sadly, I realized both a pic and a song cant be displayed simultaneous on this widget (wow! My vocabulary really is expanding. Not only am I using this word, I also know what it means! yay!). Or can they? I donno, may be they can but to find that out I will have to spend another couple of hours fiddling with!!

One thought on “Gloating..a little..

  1. pleases please change….groovy kinda love– what song is that its so cheesily cheesy….but yeah congrats on discovering widgets…

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