For the Mad Man

I tried really hard not to make this a blog post ,but I couldn’t help myself. I am fully aware of the dangers in writing this post. In all possibility the Friend who is going to be mentioned here is going to come all the way from Europe and murder me for doing this to him. But like I said I couldn’t help myself. Sorry! 

This Friend and I have an understanding. He makes a few international calls and then I do what all good friends are supposed to do, make a few calls to him. The arrangement ensures that neither of us is financially burdened and at the same time allows us to catch up pretty frequently. The last time the Friend called, I was issued an ultimatum. “this is my second call. So the next time you better call me”  A brief lecture on how friends should make the effort to keep in touch ensued. I got the message, promptly said “Ya, sure” and didn’t bother to correct him. It was his third call at last count. He didn’t remember and I didn’t see much point in correcting him. I was even given a time frame to revert. Three weeks. I was slightly guilty. It had been a while since I called. So in all fairness I should have made that call. 

Hardly one week had passed, when my phone rang again. This time the Friend’s opening dialogue was dipped in melodrama. “Mere paas koi friend nahi ha!!“, followed the customary hello. I burst out laughing. I was loud enough to frighten my mother who came rushing into the room, wondering what in the world was wrong with me. Here was a fellow who till a week back was putting me on the guilt trip and threatening me with dire consequences if I didn’t call back within the stipulated time frame. Boy ! was he desperate. I teased him ceaselessly about this through out the conversation. He wasn’t particularly happy about that , but what choice did he have? Apparently I was the only friend he had.( I am sure that is not the case. But  he is the one who did the melodrama about not having friends, I will just take his statement on face value.)  

Now this Friend is a nut. Certifiably insane. Every time we talk, we argue. Wellll, not every time but lots of times. We are like chalk and cheese but surprisingly get along well. I am the silent victim of his frequent and sometimes intense teasing. Have been since more than a decade and I have survived without any permanent scars !Something’s are life can only be described as miracles !But I am sure that the day the teasing stops, the world would turn upside down or something just as bizarre would happen. The friend is creatively inclined. I have to give him credit for that.  I like most of the stuff that he creates. Except the stories that he writes. Not because they aren’t well written or interesting. But because I get pestered and badgered and pestered some more, till I read them!! Once  a new story is written ,every single conversation opens with “Did you read my new story?”. That continues till I actually do the reading and commenting bit. And imagine, he calls me obsessive!! (Me? And obsessive?? What are you ?Insane??). 

 Inspite of the minor flaws(:P) in fellow, the Friend is a good hearted guy. A bit nutty, but in a good way. So, Mad man, this post is for  you!

4 thoughts on “For the Mad Man

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  2. I found your blog through the madman’s and have been a silent reader. But today I had to leave a comment – I share your pain!!! He does that to all his friends. But then he is a species by himself isn’t he – and that’s why we love him. Really enjoy your blog by the way.

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