Traa laa!

This post has been written purely out of a sense of being left behind. My friend, Chef Lax has been churning out posts after posts of absolutely scrumptious looking( and I am sure tasting) food consistently for the last few months. Its got me a little worried. I haven’t cook a full meal in a very long time. Come to think of it, I don’t remember when I last cooked a decent meal !! Till some time back I was quite the regular cook. Definitely not the best cook in town, but nevertheless regular in my attempts to master the culinary skills all the women in my family possess simple by virtue of their genes. But this new job has been giving me no time at all. The work hours are long and amazingly there is enough work to fill each of those nine hours every single day.  As therapeutic as cooking may be, I just don’t have it in me to get home at eight (having left at 7.30 in the morning) and slave over the stove. Nope, am just not willing to do that. Plus I don’t have to do that- I have a kind and considerate mum who ensures there is piping hot food ready to be laid out on the table when I get back home. 😀   Naturally , for me, cooking is now on the back burner. Pun unintended. I do suffer from the occasional bouts of guilt and feel terrible about contributing so little to the household chores. I don’t cook, I don’t wash clothes, I don’t do the dusting(thank God!! I cant stand doing that!). All in all I do nothing. To soothe my guilt, I offer to clear the table and the kitchen post dinner.( I do a few other things too but right now mentioning them would be out of context) There are essentially two problems with this-a) I hate clearing the table from the bottom of my heart. I have hated it since the day I was born but irrespective of the deep seeded hate I have had to do it since age 13 or so.  As the last-est person leaving the table you are saddled with that chore whether you like it or not. b) my mum has sky high expectations when it comes to these drudgerous daily activities. Since my philosophy is “this work is so boring, lets find the fastest way to finish it”, we do get into light arguments every so often. Coming back to the point about my cooking. Since I am hardly cooking, I am totally out of practice. Consequently whatever little I cook doesn’t turn out that great. Not exactly a motivator.  Today part responsibility of preparing dinner was unexpectedly thrust upon my incompetent shoulders. My mum had been to the doctors. That took longer than expected. And it had been pouring all day making shopping for veggies difficult. I was called from the doctor’s clinic and politely asked if I would be willing to do some cooking when I got back home. I agreed and promptly offered to make pasta. Since mum had made soup before she left, I only had to prepare the pasta. I thought the two dished complimented each other well and mum agreed. That decided, I hit the local grocery shop while on my way back home and bough myself a packet of pasta and a few assorted vegetables from the vendor on the street. Landed home and got down to cooking immediately. Twenty minutes later I served delicious smelling and tolerably looking pasta.  The soup was really good and the pasta wasn’t bad either. In short, by my now-lowered standards, dinner was a success. Of course none of this would have been possible it if weren’t for Sunfeast. After all they are the guys who came up with the fabulous idea of instant pasta! Its not as good as real pasta. But it is pasta and it tastes pretty ok too. A boon for working people,  I tell you! Lax, I hope you read this post! Please note the pain staking process that has been followed to produce this absolutely delightful dish! 😛 PS: I am diligently keeping track of all your and your mum’s recipes.  I am going to try them all  out one day, I just cant tell you which day!


2 thoughts on “Traa laa!

  1. yes yes, i’ve noted the painstaking process – anything “instant” and me as far as the kitchen goes are not yet on talking terms 🙂

    i leave the “clearing the table” for satish, and when he doesn’t do can imagine the scene. the other hated chore that is also satish’s responsibility is laundry – wash, dry, iron, fold.

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