If you are even faintly acquainted with me you would know I love cartoons. Not all cartoon and especially not the ones that they show on Cartoon Network. I am the kind that loves the old sorta cartoons- the ones that come in the paper along with the Sunday supplement, week after week and make the lazy Sunday morning so much more fun. Every Sunday morning sees me dashing for the newspaper. I like my paper fresh and un-crumpled. 😀 Paper in hand I find myself a comfortable spot to sit and then spread out my paper. Leaving all the other 25 odd pages  which carry the actual news, I skip right to the cartoon section.  That’s the best part of the paper if you ask me.  I have got my incurable habit of reading cartoon strips from my dad. Most certainly didn’t get it from my mum. Mum’s the serious reader- you know, thick books and heavy philosophies. Dad on the other hand prefers lighter stuff. And I am the confused one. I swing between heavy philo and cartoons! I don’t think my mum has ever read a cartoon strip and truly enjoyed it. In fact she doesn’t quite get the humour in them. Since she doesn’t get it she naturally wonders why dad and I keep smiling often broadly, while going through pictures of black and white funny looking things enclosed in a series of boxes and printed on the ‘extra’ pages of the paper. (The pages that don’t carry the real news are extra.)We have even tried to explain them to her. But you know how it is, if you explain a joke it dies. 

I am an ardent fan of Calvin and Hobbes. I have loved these guys ever since I discovered them. I did have a “Gafield” phase, a “Dennis the Menace” phase and a “Peanuts” phase  but the C&H phase has outlived all other phases. I think it can now safely be called a permanent state! Those guys are just too cute. I love Calvin’s take on life. And love the fact that Hobbes alternates between being an inanimate stuffed tiger and a live-talking-walking friend to Calvin. It makes the events in Calvin’s life so incredibly interesting. There antics remind me of some of the  things I  did as a kid. These guys make me happy. 😀 If you haven’t ever read a C&H cartoon strip, may I suggest  that you do asap.

Stumbled over two videos of C&H on youtube. The first one is a collection of random pics of the terrific twosome along with a song I like(saw the video a couple of times only to listen to the song!) and the second one tells a brief story.

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