Fantastic Four Meme

My friend Lakshmi(aka Lax)  has given me a heart attack. She has not only written out a post on a topic someone tagged her on, she has gone ahead and tagged me!! Pretty unbelievable for a person who mercilessly killed by maiden attempt at starting a meme.(:-P). Anyway I have found it in my heart to forgive and forget and so here’s my post on the Fantastic Four.

4 Places I’ve lived: Actually I have lived in only two. Delhi was home till a few years back and it’s been Mumbai after that. If you add up all the time I spent in my grandparents’ house during holidays and extended weekends (I assure you they were many such occasions), I think you could add Pilani to that list. But technically speaking, it’s been two cities only. And please don’t ask me the clichéd which-city-do-you-like-more question. I have had zillions of people asking me that. I have learnt that the minute people discover I have lived in Delhi previously the next question guaranteed to pop out of their mouths is “Which city do you think is better.” I don’t think any is better. They are both different and nice.

4 Jobs I’ve had: Considering the fact that I graduated about 2.5 years back, if I would have changed four jobs by now, something must have been terribly wrong with me!! Hehe! I have held two jobs in all till one, including the present one.  The last one was in a national level funding agency called Concern India Foundation.

You could add the internships during Masters- ALERT India, Family Service Centre and Akshara. Loved all these places and the work that I did there, but FSC has a special place in my heart. Mainly for two reasons- by the time I did my internship with them,I had some idea of how things work in the social sector. Before that I was just grappling with the whole, rather overwhelming situation that met me every time I went into the field! Plus adoption is one of my favourite fields so naturally I loved every minute I worked there.

4 Favorite places I’ve holidayed:
Manali– My parents drove all the way from Delhi to Manali. There was a small overnight stop over at Chandigarh. This was a much needed vacation after a long spell of absolutely-no-vacations that lasted a few years. Naturally we all enjoyed this trip thoroughly. I think I was in the 8th (or round about that class) when we made this trip. The weather was perfect. The people in the company guest house were nice. The place was beautiful and the food decent. And the break from the daily drudgery was lovely. What more does one want?! The only thing not perfect about this trip was Rohtang Pass. The Pass is nice but the altitude sickness you get is not!

Jaipur– This was another vacation we drove to. This time I was over 18 so I got to drive a part of the journey (it was a relatively small part, but that beside the point!). The city was lovely but the traffic within city limits a nightmare. You cannot for the life of you figure out how people and vehicles would behave on the roads. Rather scary if you are not used to random, directionless, mood dependent, reckless driving. Amazingly we dint find any accidents. I don’t think that is possible if you drive at 20kmph!  If you are in Jaipur and love Maru food, make sure you find time to make a visit to Choki Dhani. Best-est and largest Maru meal I have ever had! In addition to the food, shopping could be a motivation to visit the city. The Pink City is famous for semi precious stones. We found some great clothes (in class 9, great meant good and cheap. It meant you could feel relatively guilt free when you added skirt 6 along with top8 to the every increasing heap of clothes on the shop’s counter) and marble articles.

Pondicherry– I absolutely love this ex-French colony. I think the first trip I made was about five years back. Have made quite a few trips ever since.  Pondi offers you everything from spirituality to sea food, to walks along the seaside to handicraft. It for you to decide what you want. This is a place I would recommend to people. 😀

Chidambaram and Kanchipuram– This was my most recent vacation that happened as recently as this month.  I will avoid writing too much on it right now cause a travelogue on the same is due.

4 Favorite foods: This is very hard to do!! I am not a foodie. In fact food is low priority in my life. Honestly can’t think of food I like!! When I was a non-vegetarian, chicken in any form and shape was an all time favourite. But chicken is no longer something that you’d find on my menu. Umm…. For the sake of keeping the format of this meme, here are four things I like- all veggies, buttermilk (is that even considered food?!), sweet corn soup, any soup actually (ya ya, not really food, I know) and mysore masala dosa.There I have done it!Phew.

4 Places I’d rather be: Why would I be anywhere else?! I am perfectly happy where I am, thank you very much!

4 Bloggers I’d like to tag: All the people on my blogroll are the kind who “don’t do” tag (Yes, madman this comment is openly directed at you). The eternal optimist that I am (not!), I will nevertheless tag four people.
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