Congratulations and Celebrations!

This year can now be called “The Officially Year of the Weddings”. I have received my last invitation card for the season, bringing the invitations to a grand total of 7! Phew! Shveta, Krittika, Vanessa, Mubbi, Richa, Swati, Ashwini (have I missed out someone??!) heartiest congratulations!!! Here’s wishing you guys all the very best for the future! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


4 thoughts on “Congratulations and Celebrations!

  1. Thanks a ton Mandy…. Not only for ur good wishes but balso for making us famous on the net…..even to the people who don’t know us…

    Hope u would give us a chance to do the same to u…..

  2. hey Mandy…

    Ihave read some of ur blogs….its interesting the way u pen down ur thoughts…but it would be grrreat to read something about our hostel life….so hw abt writing something abt it!!!!!!!!!

  3. ok…promise to do a few posts on the adventure of hostel life..actually i did do a smallish write up on akanksha and my experience in a BM sweet shop, its on the blog so read it if u feel like it..

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