When boredom sets in….

I have discovered a new way to kill time. It’s pretty effective. All you need is:

  • Time on hand
  • Work that you can postpone till tomorrow
  • A net connection
  • A strong will to surf the net to find quizzes

Once you have these four ingredients, I promise you you can spend the next two hours senselessly cracking online quizzes and discovering things about yourself that you dint even need to discover!  But its fun all the same.

Don’t let me misguide you into believing that I am utterly idle and useless at work. I have work. I just choose to do it a little later in the day. Plus, I think lunch breaks are meant to be utilised in this way. Wastefully. In accordance with my belief of the importance of wastefully spending lunch hours, I tool the Geek test today. The results were not in the least bit surprising. I am not geek material. I think I have always known it. As dismiss as my results were, I insist on putting up my scores 

 I am 30% Geek.

A living proof of my un-geekyness is the fact that I am unable to put the orange colour rectanglular box that proundly announces my results on my blog!  Copying the html code of the scorecard gives me a string of senseless alphanumerals(how is that spelt?!?) along with some symbols. And I don’t know of any other way of trasfering something from another site to my blog!! Arrghhh… Frusterating!!!! I think I have done this copy-paste, undo, copy-paste againg exercise 7 times already, failing miserably on each of those seven tries!!! There must be a way to do this!!

PS: If you are the geeky, tech-savy kind may be you could tell me how to fix that rectangular box on the blog. And while you are at it, tell me how I can get rid of that stupid ‘online dating’ link below “this blogger is addicted to coffee” widget on the right. Ifind it irritating and want it off my blog!

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