The title of this post should give you an idea about my present state of mind. I am happy!! For no great reason but simple because I have finally found time to do a bit of writing, something I have been trying to do since a long, long time. (May be it hasn’t been that long but it sure seems that way. Is it possible to be blogging-addicted?). I have waaaaaay too much going around in my head. Will try and break this post up into 2-3 smaller posts to avoid writing an endless piece.

So the Batti Bandh initiative happened in B’bay last week. For those of you who don’t live in B’bay or for some mysterious reason don’t read the newspapers, this was an attempt to generate awareness about global warming and was based on a similar effort done in Sydney sometime back. To join the initiative, all we had to do was switch off lights for an hour in the evening. The initiative got a mixed response. On one hand we had these posh restaurants and a handful of celebs who were going all out to support the cause while on the other, were the regular people who were either clueless about it or didn’t feel motivated enough to join in. The enthu cutlet that I tend to be about such things, I was the only one in my building who insisted on keeping the lights off for the entire hour. Resultantly I cooked (when insanity strikes I volunteer to cook after coming from work. These are normally rare occurrences) with the help of a candle and an emergency light and served food the same way. No one at home complained. In such matters they are like me. But it was disheartening to see that practically no one I knew was kicked about the idea. My colleague, who incidentally also happens to be a social worker, pulled a blank when I asked him if his family had switched off lights for an hour. “ What batti bandh?? When is this to happen?” he asked. To which I said “Oh don’t even bother now. Its already over but please google it and find out what you missed.” He dint want to google it so I googled and sent him an email with a list of links. Then I proceeded to badger him till lunch. He finally got fed up and spent about 20 minutes read articles online. How persistent can I be??? I don’t behave like this every time but I thought it was really sad that belonging to the profession that we do, we remain completely unaware of socially relevant events happening in our city. Cant do too much to change people but once in a while I like getting a wee bit pushy. In the vain hope to make some miniscule change.


Ok moving on from sad things to happier ones. We have been binging on fruits since two weeks now. This is one over image009.jpgindulgence that doesn’t make you feel guilty. Every since Food Bazaar opened next door, we walk in every third day, hit the fruit-veggie stall and load up the cart like there is no tomorrow. Mom’s going through a “super-healthy eating” phase so we areimage015.jpg doing fruits and veggies and soups and juices and soya for practically all our meals. Not that I am complaining. I like these foods. But if we maintain the pace that we have set ourselves last week, I am sure to get bored of them in another week or two.


I was going through aunty’s blog when I read this. It somewhat freaked me out. Why would people start a blog and then go around hunting articles done by others and copy them?? If you wanted to do that why would you want a blog in the first place? It’s a blog supposed to be a place for self expression? I write nothing worth copying but I went to copy scope anyway. Just to make sure. Dint find a single thief and weirdly that made me happy. Shouldn’t I be upset that I write such boring stuff that people don’t feel inclined to rip something off my blog? Surely that’s not a good sign. Or is it? (Confused) The over cautious being that I tend to be, I have even added that small “don’t copy” tab to my blog. I suggest you do the same.


I have changed the theme of my blog yet again. I think I have a problem with consistency. I get bored easily. And I love colour. All these factors make me change the theme at least once in two weeks.

When I used to work on Windows ’98, I would to go into display setting and change the appearance from Windows Standard to Plum to Teal to Storm to whatever, whenever the mood would strike me, which was often. The last place I worked in was using Windows ‘98 till the time I was with them. Seeing the high frequency of changing colours on my comp, people around me would wonder if something was wrong with me. They couldn’t figure out why I had to change the appearance and desktop background so often (sigh. Those were the days when I could change comp setting. Now, thanks to our lovely IT Deptt. we can change absolutely nothing in our comps…Sigh…). I couldn’t either. All I knew was I found looking at the same thing day after day awfully boring and so just had to change it.

Anyway, back to the blog. I like my new, customised blog theme. I am aiming at leaving it unchanged for a whole month.

I am not going to last long, I know.

3 thoughts on “Yay!!

  1. finally I am here! You should know mandira, it would be easy for aunty to visit your blog if you leave a link! 🙂 Loved your write up dear! I too feel most of the time people are so insensitive to issues concerning their own subject or interest!?
    Most people merely exsist most of the time and live a few moments!

  2. By the way your blog is great dear! And you know something, people who copy are very unimaginative and will copy only tangible postes, not abstract like yours! You see one needs to be intelligent to understand abstract! 😀

  3. lol! thanks for the vote of confidence!! and thanks for introducing me to copyscope(even tho i dont really need it).. i saw it first on ur blog..and then on a couple of other blogs too…

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