Un-Christmassy Christmas

This Christmas just isn’t Christmasy enough. I am missing old friends who would make the season feel the way it is supposed to with all the yummy goodies and the lovely carol singing. None of that is happening this year. 😦 😦 😦

I am now pinning my hopes on my not-so-friendly-nor-generous neighbour to invite me over. That way at least I’d get to see a beautify Christmas tree and may be get a crumb or two of the famous rum cake. Will definitely write a post on it, if some kindness is thrown my way.

Edited to add at 3 pm on 25th Dec: Ok,I feel better. I visited the market , saw a few HUGE Christmas trees and lots ofbells.jpg decorations  and now I feel so much better!But I am still waiting for that christmas cake………….

Edited to add on 26.12.07: chirstmas cake  or rather cakes have been making an appearance at my work desk since morning.Fantabulous one! What can I say?Hapinees has happened!:D 😀 😀

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