Movie Review- Taare Zameen Par

For someone who doesn’t enjoy movies in general, and Bollywood products in particular, going to the movie theatre is in itself a big deal. But the last Bollywood movie I caught didnt disappoint me. At all.

Over the weekend, I went for Taare Zameen Par.Being an Amir Khan production I did expect quite a lot from it. Whatever said and done ,this guy may be called “interfering”, “obsessive about perfection”, but you cant deny the fact that he is a fabulous actor and knows exactly what he is doing.(Sorry all Shah Rukh Khan fan. SRK may have the charm but his acting is terrible!I am not too sure he acts at all!). I tend to be overly critical about our bollywood movies. The plot doesn’t add up. The acting is horrible.Is that how actors deliver dialogues? Why is that actor so stiff? Those dances with 40 people surrounding the hero-heroine looks so strange. I keep a permanent bag of “whats wrong with the hindi movies” with me and each time I see a movie, I pull out whichever complaint I fancy that day. As critical as I am of these movies, TZP didn’t give me an opportunity to complain and whine. The topic interested me. Its something we hardly every get to see in hindi movies and for a change it wasn’t the same old re-hashed version of” boy meets girl and fights the world to save his love story”that we have had the pleasure of seeing since time immemorial. To the best of my (limited) knowledge, we have never had a movie on dyslexia. The plot of the movie was all through out rational and believable. No absurdities there. The acting was very good. Khan is known to give good performances so no surprises there. But the child who was the protagonist was unbelievable good for his age. I was rather impressed by him. All the supporting actors were good too. Shanker -Ehsan-Loy provide the movie with just the right kind of music and Prasoon joshi’s lyrics are out of this world. He has outdone himself this time. The movie has the right mix of seriousness and humour. Many a times you find the movie reminding you of things you did as a kid. It touches an emotional cord with the audience but doesn’t seem melodramatic or overdramatic. As a person who never ever cries while watching movies, I was surprised to find myself chocking with emotions at a few poignant scenes in the movie.

I personally think that the movie has the potential to achieve what years of work in the field of dyslexia might not have been able to do till now- generate awareness amongst the masses. ( I was surprised to see how many people around me didnt know of dyslexia.) A movie that, I think, is  a must see for just about anybody, but if you even remotely work with children, there is no way you should miss this movie.

I just read what I wrote and it sounds as if I am bring payed to promote the movie! But honestly, the movie is well worth your time. Catch it if you can.

To make my first ever movie review sound more credible and authentic, I am going to be rating it. Just like they do in the papers!

ZTP Rating

Story/plot ****1/2
Music ****
Acting ****

 Rating Key:
*-Stay at home. Best avoided.
**- You may want to risk watching this movie
***- Worth your time and money
****- Spending your time and money on this is highly recommended.
*****- You’d be nuts to miss this!

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