Potato tales

Dad cooked potatoes for dinner last evening. Before I tell you what happened to the potatoes, let me tell you the this:

a) my dad is extremely fond of helping out in the kitchen ,even though he isn’t always the kind of help my mom appreciates!
b) he is majorly out of practice these days, therefore the quality of the final product isn’t  quite up to the mark .

This is the conversation that ensued between us.

Me: Pa, the potatoes you made are not fully cooked.
Pa: They are! You got the odd kaccha piece. All the other pieces are fine, I assure you.

Two morsels later.

Me: Pa, the potatoes are really not ok. They are kaccha and its not the one odd piece. All the pieces seem half cooked to me!
Pa(with a big grin): You don’t get it ,beta. They are done rare.

Dint they tell you, never argue with your parents?

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