Grief stricken

 With great regret, we announce the sad demise of our beloved Qtol.

Qtol left us for its heavenly abode sometime around October 2007, at the tender age of 7 months. Before its untimely demise, it was plagues by a short but serious bout of illness that caused it to become invalid. Even during the illness, Qtol regularly received encouraging mails and message from well wishers. But sadly, even the good wished of people couldn’t revive the gravely ill Qtol.

Qtol is credited by introducing a number of technically unsavvy people to the wonders of the world wide web and blogging. Those whose lives it touched will forever be grateful for the great, life-altering contribution it made to their lives.

Friends, family are inconsolable at the loss- a loss they are sure no one can ever fill.

A virtual prayer ceremony has been organised in memory of Qtol. All those who knew and loved it, are welcome to attend.

Date: 15.1.08
Time: 4 pm
Venue: Meeting Hall, Cyberspace.

Grief sticken,
Family and Friends.

Note to reader: For those of you who haven’t a clue about the context of this post, let me give you a brief history. We haven’t seen a post on Qtol since ages and I have been badgering one (actually both) of the writers to put something up soon  before the blog dies. I was told by the writer that since it’s been so long since a new post was seen that the blog is virtually dead; and in fact it was time to write an obituary for the deceased blog. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write a blog obituary and so  wrote a few lines. However, once writting was done,the writer changed her mind and insisted that she really didn’t want Qtol to die so young and point blank refused to put up the obituary on her blog.  I had to put it up somewhere, so I put it up here. In the hope that by some freak of nature, Qtol will miraculously revive! 

9 thoughts on “Grief stricken

  1. Lol lol lol….i am sure if qtol reveives…i still insist its only on a long being lost trip n not dead we shall give full credit to you 🙂 for its nice to know that qtol was cared for so much! love

  2. hehehe….what can i say aunty!? desperate situations call for desperate measures!! lol! their blog has been dead too long. something just HAD TO BE DONE!

  3. Hey Mandira…….this is meghana here…….I just loved your obituary…….:) I kow its a very sad time, cos i used to eagerly look forward to postings on QTOL……..anyways, i love ur blog too and will visit it regularly now to keep updated on whats happeninig wid u!!!


  4. hey meghana, i am glad you are in this with me!high time the qtol ladies woke up and did some writing. at least the obituary got them to do one post! but i dont think i can use this strategy in the future. you cant keep writing obituaries, right? you and i better think of other alternatives!lol!

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