An Inconvenient Truth-Movie Review

We had a screening of the documentary –An Inconvenient Truth last week at work. I had heard a lot about the movie but hadn’t had the opportunity to watch it. (Yes, I know I am behind humanity. The rest of the world has made the movie a part of their ‘been there done that’  list and I am watching it only now. What can I say? Better late than never.) Turned out the movie is as fabulous as the people are claiming it to be.

I came out impressed by just about every aspect of the movie. I liked the style of narration, where Al Gore weaves in snippets of his life into the larger narrative. The direction is good, as it the photography.  I also appreciated the relatively simple manner in which the rather complex and multifaceted issues of global warming was deal with in the movie. The volume of research conducted for the movie is mind-boggling.( And here I was feeling happy doing piddly little reseach  studies for the organisation! Sheesh…terrible) Of course when you are a serious watcher and absorb most of what is being presented to you through the movie, the magnitude of the problem at hand hits you hard, and gets you a little worried. But I’d rather be informed and scared than ignorant.

Btw,post-movie, my fears about the  Nano car have become very real!


A highly recommended movie. Go get yourself a DVD!

If you’d like to see  a trailer, go here. And the website climatecrisis is here.

7 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Truth-Movie Review

  1. don’t look at the nano. look at the real estate and fuel efficiency of cars like the innova that people drive everyday with single occupants for rudimentary transport needs like – going to the office or buying groceries. be afraid of the abysmal public transportation system.

    according to me a car isn’t about basic transport but a mobility boon – therefore compared to bigger cars that occupy more space and consume more fuel, i see the nano as a smart choice. less is more. people should buy the nano not because they can’t afford a bigger/ better car but because it is likely to be smartest choice out there.

    cars should become a basic transportation need but rather an enhanced mobility means. public transportation should serve needs of daily routine commute. cars must be cheap but let usage be regulated through tax and price of fuel/ parking space.

  2. since i can’t catch you on chat – further to my last comments you might want to check out – i see this as the future car. incidentally tata motors is financing this in return for licensing rights in india.

    i don’t want to sound like i am canvasing for the company, but not all business decisions are motivated by the pure end of immediate “profit” – corporates aren’t all that “evil’ as it is made out to be.

    so without providing point 1,2, 3, 4 as to why the nano need not be a bad idea but in fact turn out for the better if positioned correctly – i leave you with some material to ponder over.

  3. ya, catching me on chat is now a dream. you remember the nice It policies my company follows na? no chat is an outcome of that!
    will read up and tell you what i think about that link…
    just a random thought that occured to me as i read your comment.. i should be the last person to consider corporates “evil” .. i work for one! jeez!!!!!help!i am back to the socialwork -corporate world conflict!will this issues never solve itself?!

  4. you don’t consider corporated evil – but many arguments are based on the corporates are evil philosophy – it may be stated but is the basic assumption.

    i resolved it – by realizing that there is really no divide only three categories of instituions- institutions with good intentions and good practice, institutions with good intentions but bad practice and institutions with bad intentions and evil practice. 😀

  5. heheeh.. dont worry about typos when you are delaing with me. i am officailly teh typo queen!
    and i like the categories you made..reduces the conflict a gr8 deal..:)

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