Utilizing time

I could be working right now. I should be working right now. But I don’t have anything pressing so I am ‘utilizing’ my time doing other ‘important’ things. I have discovered an online Calvin and Hobbes treasure and am spending my extended lunch hour reading. Till now I have had 2 people  who have stopped at my desk, stared at my comp and said ” Aren’t you supposed to be working?” Their comments have had no impact on me whatsoever. Dint I tell you? I can be incorrigible  when I want to. And right now I want to!

Here is one of the fabulous strips I found. I am thinking may be I should regularly do C&H posts. You know, like a series.  I’d of course need to do sufficient ‘research’ before I can publish stuff. But I am quite willing to take the pains. So let me know if you think this is a good idea.

I did a Dear Blog series that died after Part-II (:P). May be the C&H series will last longer. They’ll definately be more fun to do!!( Even if you guys don’t like C&H too much, it would be fun for me!! )Btw,if you do happen to be a C&H fan (like me!!like me!! like meee!!!), you may want to read this.


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