The Alphabet Tag

This is to announce to all my useless-blogger pals, who have mercilessly  killed my numerous attempts to start a meme,  I have been tagged!!  YAY! Parul was kind enought to tag me. So the nice blogger that I am , I will do the tag and then pass on the baton to three of my lovely  friends, in the hope that this time, my efforts will not be thwarted.

A- Available? Depends.. What for?

B-Best friend: I have too many friends and I like all of them! It’s hard to give one name.  I could give you a long list, but for the sake of long-term loyalty, I shall name  one of my oldest friends from school-Shweta Gurnani.

C- Cake or Pie?  Hmmm… Both? 😛 Ok, cake.  Any kind, any flavour. If it has nuts and dry fruits in it, even better.

D-Drink of choice:  I will stick with good masala chai.  

E-Essential thing used everyday: Don’t have a very long list for that. Its essentially just a mousturizer, something to tie back my hair with and the occassional eye pencil.

F-Favourite colour: Blue. I also like green. And yellow. And sometimes pink. I like most colours (except grey) in short.

G-Gummi bears or worms: Honestly,  I haven’t had either so can’t really choose. But bears somehow sound better than worms!

H-Hometown: New Delhi /DLF, Gurgaon. I was born in the former, spent my initial years there but moved to the latter and spent more than 13 odd years there.So I  don’t know which one should qualify for”home town”.

I-Indulgence:  Chocolates. Am especially fond of mint and dark chocolates.

J-January or February: February. It’s a shorter month that means I get paid for doing less work!

K-Kids and names: None yet.

L-Life is incomplete without: Lots of things. Family, friends, internet!

M-Marriage date: Will put that up whenever the blessed event occurs!

N-Number of siblings:  None. Yes, I am a single, (un)spoilt kid.

O-Oranges or apples:  Apples. But they need to be crisp.

P-Phobias: Hmm…can’t think of any.

Q-Quote: Am I to give just one quote here?Cause I could give you loads. When I started this blog I listed a few that I liked.You can find them here.

R-Reason to smile:Flowers make  me smile. As do the antics of children. Unexpected gifts too bring  a smile to my face.

S-Season: Summer, summer, summer!Can’t stand winter and to me, spring and autumn go unnoticed.

T-Tag three people: Neeti, Lakshmi and Sera.

U-Unknown fact about me: I though you knew me pretty well! But if I had to releave a lesser know fact about myself, I ‘d tell you this. Its insignificant but what the hell hardly any people know about it, so in that sense it fits in here perfectly well. I frown a lot. I frown when I am worried. Or am thinking. Or am troubled. Or am concentrating at a task. I frown at just about everything. It annoys my mom and dad to no end but I frown away anyway!

V-Vegetable you do not like: I loooooove veggies. Its dal I hate.

W-Worst habit: Getting easily irritated with people/situations.

X-x-rays you have had: I have had only one to date. Got a dental
x-ray as a kid. The dentist thought something was drastically wrong with my incisors, did an x-ray and then concluded it wasn’t such a big calamity after all.  

Y-Your favourite food:Since I am not a foodie, it’s kinda hard to name a favourite food.  Generally I am happy with regular home-cooked food, you know, the dal (yuck)-sabzi- roti kind? I also like fruits and soups of all kinds. 

Z-Zodiac: Taurian/Gemini cusp. If you are wondering what the hell that is, go here.

6 thoughts on “The Alphabet Tag

  1. darling! so sweet of you to put me down as your old pal… if asked to name one of my oldest pals, I’ll name you anyday. It’s a pity that we haven’t met for a long time. Btw, great blog… remember how in school you disliked the creative writing assignments? And wow! look at you now – you’ve turned into a prolific writer! Awesome girl!

  2. hey shweta, so you did stop by..thanks!
    ya, i wasnt too fond of those writing assignments.. i dint think i was good at them, therefore the dislike..not that i write all that well now, but i like to write and so i do.. its the readers who have to suffer!
    come to think of it, back in school, ppl would have thought someone like you would have a blog and someone like me wud, well…not hv a blog… wonder how things turned out this way! waise why dont u blog???u’d be so good at it!!

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