Calvin on haircuts

Since none of you told me you’d want to see more of Calvin and Hobbes on my blog, I have decided you are going to see more of these guys, whether you like it or not !( See? Dint they tell you to never lose the opportunity to speak up?)

I was browsing through some online cartoon strips and found a strip that reflected some of my exeriences with the ‘joys’ of getting hair cuts. I was blogging when these lovely experiences occured, so if you like you could go here (the not-so-good-but-still-funny stuff) and here ( the initial- post-haircut euphoria) to read up. You may also be able to understand my present state of hair stylist-hatred after you read.  Parul wrote some of her experience with the hair stylists as did Sera. You can read their stories here and here respectively.

Now since I have nothing profound or interesting or exciting or excruciatingly boring to write about, I will let you read the fabulous C&H in peace while I go and hunt for some stuff to write about. Inspiration has been low these days. Very low.

Oh !Before I forget,I would like to announce that I now have a cool side picture!! As technologically limited as I am this was no easy feat. It took me 2.5 attempts to get it right. Whats with the 2.5, you ask? Simple, I say, the first attempt was half hearted. 😛 (Just in case you use wordpress and want a side bar,I suggest you dont pointlessly struggle. They have a FAQ section for a reason. Sadly, people like me spend hours struggling, trying this, that and the other and when we are all but ready to give up, realize that going through the FAQs may hold the answers to some of our technological problems.Sigh.) Since I got that picture up on the side bar I have been wondering if I should give the whole privacy issue a ditch and put up a picture of myself. Not to be narcissistic or anything but, you know,  togenerally let people who dont know me put a face to the writer. You know what I mean? No? Oh Forget it!! You are of no help! Go read the cartoon stip!



16 thoughts on “Calvin on haircuts

  1. hey kiran..thanks for stopping by.. i think i had once found your blog through parul’s (.. or was it chandni’s?) but i havent left you a comment as yet.. the next time i make a visit, will drop you a line or two.

  2. Have I ever told you I love your blog! I know I need to get started too… but I guess I will start with you alphabet tag….its the easiest thing I can think of putting up :D…when is the big question!

  3. lol! thanks for the vote of confidence ,madam!
    can we make the “when” this weekend? looking fwd to reading something new on your blog… u better hurry up,else i will have to write an obituary for ur blog too!!:P

  4. Excellent thought mandy ..

    even better cartoon …

    thanks for putting in my review page …

    u rock mandy

    no wonder so many people on orkut bugged you for phraandseeping




  5. You know what. I just LOVE Calvin. Ever since I got started with the mania of reading the cartoon strips, I wanna have a son like Calvin. It’d be so much fun and running around the house.
    BTW nice blog. Got here through Chandni’s blog.

  6. hey lively..glad to discover another Calvin lover.. i think the chap is phenomenaaaal!! in fact sometime back i asked my (few) readers if they wanted to see more of calvin on my blog.. since they refused to answer, i decided to put up more of Calvin, just for myself! now that i know i have found another person who loves calvin as much as me,i am surely going to feature more of the awesome twosome!

  7. yeah yeah! pls do continue the good work. Im just crazy about him. He is just craaaaaaazily insane. N i love it that way. I’m a firm believer in insanity. Imagine what a disaster it would be if everyone n everything was sane. *dramatic shudder*
    Keep the calvin posts flowing.
    Hail insanity!

  8. lol…worry not.. you shall get ur regular dose shall chandni 🙂 but honestly, high time i wrote a post…i just realised i wrote more than a week back..

  9. Yeah you better write soon!
    And thanks to you too.. for stopping by my blog to say thank you to me! 😛
    hehe yeah I’m catching up with the insane virus after a break.

  10. hehheehe… true true..bringing up a kid like him would be a challenge, i agree… but he looks so cute and seems like SO much least in the book!:)

  11. MM and churningthewordmill,
    That s the real challenge aint it? Raising a brat! Oh yeah MM, you’d say you already are and I nod. ‘Coz I feel you too love challenges.

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