A faithful reader and a horrid weekend

As the title of this post suggests, I had a horrid weekend. I spent most of it in a state of breathlessness. The state of breathlessness was not due to an elevated yogic status that I  had acquired, that allowed me to tap the Universal Cosmic Energy and live without the support of such mundane things like air. It was, in actuality, caused by a mundane thing of a different kind. A extremely small mundane thing known as the common cold virus. All thanks to this virus, I spent all of Friday, sneezing and coughing my guts out in office. My behaviour, for which I was neither responsible nor had any control over, ensured that people at work maintained a safe distance of about 1.5-2 feet while talking to me.  I don’t blame them. These things are contagious, you know. By Saturday, the common cold had developed further and fever was added to the cocktail of viruses( is that correct to say? viruses??) enjoying their  weekend party in my sickness ridden, broken body. Naturally my long list of Things To Do This Weekend, went flying out of the window and I spent all day in bed, popping in Crocins- to keep the temperature down, loading up on fluids- to flush out the virus and listening to music-to keep my mind occupied and avoid boredom. Sunday morning has been a tad better than the last two days. I am assuming (fingers crossed) that I am on the path to recovery now and hopefully by Tuesday I will be fit to be back at work. Arrgh! I hate being sick!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d like to thank my faithful reader Lively, for regularly dropping me reminder comments and demanding new posts. When someone asks so nicely how can I refuse?! I wasn’t about to write a post on my unexciting weekend, but when you asked for a new post, Lively, I just had to write one and this is all I could write about! Next post should be better! 😀

26 thoughts on “A faithful reader and a horrid weekend

  1. Aww that was very sweet of you Mandira. I hope you are feeling better. Get well soon and no need to post until then. Take rest and take care.
    Your faithful reader 🙂

  2. @Homecooked- thanks for the wishes…am dying to get well super-soon myself

    @Lively- like i said, am waiting to be up and about myself..will write a new post when either i am well enuf or am struck with a fabulous idea, whichever is sooner!:D
    PS: i am kinda outa ideas to write about lately!

  3. @Lively- waiting for you to lend me some of those exciting ideas!

    @Indian Homemaker-thanks!:D

    @Chandni-thanks…me aiming at being fit as a fiddle by tomorrow!

  4. Hey! new to your space 🙂 and liked reading it 🙂 Hope your cold has subsided 🙂 take care. BTw have blogrolled you.

  5. hey M..thanks for stopping by….always nice to have new visitors and new comments! thanks for blogrolling me 😀 u made my day! … i know this sounds dumb..but am trying to find your blog but cant find it!!nothing happens when i click on your name which normally leads me to the corresponding blog…so the next time you stop over, do me a favour and spell out ur blog address for me! thanks!!

  6. 🙂 good to see ur reply 🙂

    I dont have a wordpress account, is that why u cudnt see my blog?? Anyway, here is the link.

    I’m not a great writer or anything. Just scribble my thots exactly the way it occurs in my mind. So bear with the grammatical errors if any :-))

    I’m glad I made your day. Now you’ve made MY day :-)) Take care and keep writing, gurl !

  7. :-))))

    Actually many a times…..we are just blank…cant fathom of anything….life goes on a smooth pace…nothing ineretst us:-))))

    dont think it was bad….people could actually relate to u:-))))

  8. 1-2 feet???? or meters???

    what kinda office is that where a couple of feet is considered FAR [even with females]??? :-O

    must be fun nonetheless 😉

  9. Okay, I’m one day late and I have no ideas (you see I havent updated even my blog). But I want you to write something. While you’re at it pls make it funny, happy and cheerful.

    Your faithful reader (YFR)

  10. mr dear faithful reader, i have so much blog-work to do its not funny! lol! imagine blogging becoming work!!?! but i hvnt read/commented or written in what seems like a long time..i am aiming at writing a small post today…but let me clear out some office work first…:D
    ps: ur blog reallllly needs a new post! the last one was on 7th march!!

  11. Arrey sweetie….
    It was related to ur post only:-)))
    MAny a times… our mind does not allow us to jot down soem intresting… and we write somehting “usual”…… thats it:-))))

    So hw s day begun??

  12. ooooooooooh…sorry for being slow!!
    days begun ok-types…but i am reading more blogs than doing work…and that NOT good!lol!

  13. I told you the reason right? No ideas inside my head. Can I borrow some from you? Since you’re the one who is demanding a new post. I’m so lucky someone is demanding posts 🙂

  14. ok..sure… if you think i have ideas worth borrowing, go ahead! otherwise you can always do the eight tag, that i have just done 😀

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