Eight it is!

I have bouced back to the world of the living. 😀 No cold. No fever. Life seems good again!:D

Homecooked tagged me on this one. As a rule I like doing tags and I liked this tag even more because of its timing. I have been out of ideas for posts of late. This tag will fill-in the gap perfectly.  Here’s my list of eight….

Eight things I am passionate about:

·   Family
·  Music
·  Arts-of all kinds
· Travelling
·  My work
· Friends
· Books
· Cooking- I am not really passionate about this, but I like doing it. I was out of ideas for the 8th item on this list, so had no choice but to write “cooking”!

Eight things I want to do before I die: this is easy!

·   Learn oil painting. Properly this time. And to come up with decent products.
· Learn to  crochet.
· Travel to some of the unexplored regions of the country
·  Design and decorate a house
· Learn tailoring and come up with useable end-products
· Gift my dad a huge aero-modelling kit and my mum, a trip to the mountians
· Learn to not get upset over small things
· Find the perfect state of calmness within (high hopes, na?) 

Eight things I say often:

·  Shut up
·  Don’t bore
· Are you maaaaad?
· I want to go home
·  What are you doing ( used only when talking to family/friends over the phone. That’s like the standard starting line)
· Who said life’s fair?
· Why does this have to be done now?
· Don’t answer my question with a question( used specifically with some people only but of late its been used a  lot. Therefore its made it to my list!) 

Eight books I have recently read or am reading: I can think of only 6 right now, so here they are-

·   The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shreve
· Acts of Faith by Eric Segal
· November of the heart by LaVyrle Spencer
· The Lazy Sunday Book by Bill Watterson (does this qualify for a book?!)
· Autobiography of a Yogi by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda- an all time favourite which is being re-re-re-read.
·The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery

Eight songs I listen to over and over:

·  Annies Song – an eternal favourite.:D
· Evergreen Tree by Cliff Richards
·  Words by Boyzone
·Cloud No.9 by Bryan Adams
· You’re still the one by Shania Twain
· How deep is your love by the Bee Gees
· You’ll be in  my heart by Phil Collins
· Tum se hi by Mohit Chauhan from Jab We Met- this is a current favourite 🙂 

Eight things needed by me for cooking: I don’t need too much to cook with, mainly coz mostly I prepare simple meals. So here’s a list of the obvious.

· Ideas!
· Salt
·Vegetable oil
· Turmeric
· Onions
· Tomatoes
· Pre-cooked foods! 😉

Eight things that attract me to my friends: I don’t ask for much from my friends, that’s why my list is small!! ;D

·  A sense of humour
·Good conversation skills
·The ability to provide help/support when needed
· The occasional email/sms to keep in touch- especially for those friends who stay far away; I really appreciate any effort that they take to keep in touch. 😀 

I am to tag eight people but since most people I know hate tags, I’ll keep this open ended. Anyone’s whose interested is free to pick up this tag.:) 

PS: Lively, may be you’d like to do this since you too are outa ideas!  

32 thoughts on “Eight it is!

  1. Welcome back Mandira. Good to see you all healthy and happy. Interesting list out there. Will try n do it soon. Have also written a post. Will publish soon.

  2. Attagurl! Nice meme ! I loved the ‘8 things I want to do before I die’ part the most 🙂 thats an absolute sweet one I say.

  3. @Lively- thanks thanks…its good to be back! waiting to see your list…

    @Chandni-aaaaaaw..how come they forgot that one? do an ‘edited to add’ or a ‘PS’ on your meme and write out the 8 things you need to cook..:D

    @M- thanks 😀 do you want to pick up that tag? feel free to, if you want to.

  4. Thanks for taking up the tag.Wow you read intellectual stuff,girl !!! I love to crochet too,though I lose interest in stuff easily.Always wanted to learn painting but I cant seem to get the shading of various colours right,so I always admire everything from far.Great list and an interesting read.

  5. @Homecooked- intellectual and me?! :O i think u missed the Calvin and Hobbes book that was on my list! lol! i learnt a bit of painting as a kid…and i like to go back to it even now but since i practice so rarely, the paintings dont come out nice. but still, its a great de-stressor 😀

  6. Welcome back : ) That made interesting reading!
    I learnt to crochet as a kid, and gifted colourful stuffed mice (looked more like teddy bears/bunnies etc) to all my friends, but I have always regretted not being able to knit:( …Crochet strains your eyes, while you can knit even in the dark!
    I love WORDS and ‘How deep is your love?’ too:)

  7. Hi Mandira, I left a comment sometime back but I think it lost its way.

    Thanks for dropping by! I’m very impressed with the 8 things that you usually say. I wish I had the courage to say Don’t bore me, instead of tuning out and looking listlessly at the speaker .

  8. Ah.. how I wanna write and do a post soon also this tag. I’ve done a post and it is in a word doc. Got to post it. Hoping to do the tag soon, for the fear of forgetting.

  9. @burf- i am a non-veg turned veg but i still love garlic! did i just hear you scream AIIIYYOOO!!?? 😛

    @Indian Homemaker-wow man! can you really crochet? i cant.. my grand mom could..i shud have learnt from her.. i cant knit either… i mean in a way i can- if you do the first line of loops, then i can simply add more lines to it.. but thats all i can do!! and i dont know how to end the knitting..basically cant start, cant end, cant do designs..basically can do verrry little!lol! I see we like the same kinda music 😀

    @Chronicworrier-i enjoyed reading your blog..will be back to read sm more soon:)i have guts but in a limited way.. i say “dont bore” to ppl i knew well or am friendly with..with the others i just suffer in silence..

    @Lively- worry not, there is no tearing hurry..you do publish the post and do the tag..i’ll come around and drop in a comment or two.

  10. oops.. pardon my earlier comment. confused it with ginger. I like ginger tea.
    I like garlic fried with salt and red chilli powder and added to some snack.

  11. Lively- i flipped out there for a mintue!! i have never ever heard of garlic tea!!!! because it doesnt exist..thankfully.. garlic tea would be just too weird ..ginger tea is nice tho.

  12. meghana!! thats soo coool!! you got urself a blog! me super-happy..and me blogrolling you already 😀

    ok..to explain this tagging business in simple terms- when i tag someone, that someone writes the post on the same thing as me..tk for example the Eight tag..homecooked tagged me, i write it and then tagged nidhi from nidhi’s nook, who did her own version of it.. if you read homecooked version, my version n nidhi’s version, you’l get an idea of wat i am talking about.. its basically like a chain..

    if you are up to it, do the eight tag 😀

  13. Yeah, i’m surprised you didnt laugh. You can easily guess that I’m over working. Still slogging at office and when I get frustrated, coming back to this page to see if something new is up. *sigh* what a life

  14. i dont laugh at people…i am a polite gurl 😛 still in office??thats nt good…*hug* havent written anything new yet…wil try doing a post tomorrow ..cheer up… go drink coffee and finish up work 😀

  15. Hey thats indeed tooo cute:-)))

    I liked the most 8 thinngs u need for cooking:-))
    simple and plain things:-)))

    “I want to go home: is even my punch line…..:-)))

  16. hey chakoli… i keep saying “i want to go home” ALL the time.. especially if work is getting very stressful or if people are acting difficult or it im sitting thru boring conferences/seminars… home is my escape route from all things unpleasant.. thats why it keeps coming up in my conversation..:D

    my list of things i ned is simple coz my cooking is generally simple! i dont do elaborate stuff unless iam in the mood or hv loads of time on my hand..

  17. iam with you on that one chakoli.. as much as i love work, home is home.. and theres no place better than home!

  18. @Burf- am very much in office..where else would i be? sigh.. the weekend was good..wasted some hard earned money on shopping… no updates and no posts coz-
    a) i dont feel like doing a raving/ranting/cribbing/general update
    b) i want to write a reallllllly nice piece,you know something of value… but am outa ideas! 😦 😦 😦 if u have some good ideas lemme know!

    @Lively- scroll up and read for reasons for “y no new posts” i thinking girl, think real heard to come up with something.. 😀 u got any bright ideas?

  19. Ideas?? Hmm why dont you write about ideas? ideas for a post! 🙂 on what you can probably write about.
    But I really wanna read something funny. Real funny and silly. Write about silly things that happen at office and your neightbourhood that you observed.

  20. @Lively-ok madam.. i just did a new post.. i dint read this comment before i wrote the post… but interestingly it is one of those silly/funny things at work..go take a look..:D

    @Freespirited- sera when did you become “free spirited”?? i realised my error and mentioned the same on your blog..go see it!

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