When you are happy and you know it..

  I picked up this tag from Moppet’s Mom because like I told her ” I have nothing better to do in life” . Jokes apart, I think it makes good sense to list out things that make me happy, simply because as important as happiness is to me( and I assume,to everyone else) I have never really given this a thought. Listing out what makes me happy may just give me an indication about what I need to do more often in life, to stay happy. So here’s my list.

  • A call from home in the middle of a busy day
  • An email from a friend. An email means an electronic mail that actually has some content. Forwards don’t count!
  • Unexpected gifts, no matter how small.
  • An early morning hot cup of tea.
  • Painting. I am bad at it but it makes me happy.
  • A good book.
  • Good music. I am not fussy about what I listen to. If it sounds good, it is good.
  • Cooking new things often learnt from cookbooks or blogs.
  • Extended chat sessions with mom.
  • Long lost friends who remember to call/sms/email on birthdays.
  • Blogging. Helps me clear my mind. Sometimes puts things in perspective. Comments from readers make me happy too. 🙂
  • Appreciation from others at work.
  • Rain. As long as I am indoors!
  • Rain holidays! 😀
  • Family vacations.
  • Buying gifts for others, especially when there is no occasion and they don’t expect it.
  • Long walks with family/friends.
  • Paper cards or hand-written letters. I like to preserve these. Cards or letters on electronic media isn’t half as much fun.
  • Out of the blue compliments from others.
  • Singing along with the CD /radio playing, even if I am off key.

There that’s the end of my list. I tag however wants to pick this one up. It’s a feel good tag, so do it people.

45 thoughts on “When you are happy and you know it..

  1. tell me your gmail address, i need to send you my address so that you may send me gifts 😛 😀 [it makes you happy, right? :P]

    letters are great, hand-written words somehow lend them a different dimension…

  2. burf- there is a gmail address written on the About page. you are free to try your luck but i’d request you to keep your expectations low. Very very low.
    yup! nothing beats hand written letters. they seem to have more “feeling” if you know what i mean.

  3. Hey list seems pretty cool! Of all of them the most touching was remembering friends birthdays.I love it when I get emails from friends who havent kept in touch for a whole year and send a birthday greeting.Feel so cherished.By the way when is ur birthday?

  4. I agree. It certainly feels happy to know things which make us happy, coz we can do them more and be more happy 🙂 Nice list there. So you’re doing them more now ha? I write to keep myself reminded of stuff important to me. Just like this list. Guess I’ll take it up. But sometime later..

  5. @Moppet’s mom- pl note, i am still calling you by you old name… the whole candyfloss thingy is sifficult to get used to. yup! i agree. making an annual list would be fun 😀

    @Homecooked- its on may20th. can i expect a card from you now?

    @Lively-sure, take up the tag..like i said its fun to do… 😀

  6. so coooooool!! i know its not such a big deal, but for some reason,i am thrilled to know your bday falls in the same month!:D

  7. cool list and an ever cooler meme!! seriously, we are so lost in our own issues and problems, that we miss counting our blessings. And I loved your list 🙂

  8. I am taking up this tag from you, I agree that it is a feel good tag, I want to feel good :)This is a nice list of things that make you happy…’a call from home in the middle of busy day’? That is so sweet!I also enjoy rain as long as I am indoors!
    Nice header! Yeah changing headers does make the blogs interesting…

  9. @snippetsnscribbbles- i couldnt agree more. once in a while its good to stop and count all that we have been blessed with. makes one realise just how lucky one’s been. 😀

    @IndianHomemaker- please take the tag.. writing it really does make you feel happy. i genuinely love getting calls from home…some people seem to find that odd… but i love hearing my mom’s voice, even if its a quick ‘hi-bye’ ..you know what makes rain even better? rain with lots of hot pakoras! 😀
    the header had been taken from flickr.. sadly i am not as good as photography as you!

  10. So cute sweetie…
    U know while reading I was feeling the excitement…. and so cud imagine…hw good it might have been with you :-)))

    very cute:-)))

    So u paint?/no matter good or bad…but still u do…is what counts:-)))

  11. @Chakoli- doing this list was fun for me. am glad you liked it. yup, i paint. the quality of the products that i make is highly debatable though!!

  12. @Chakoli- lol… i guess you have a point there 😀

    @Niveditha- 😀 make your list ,gurl!! its fun to do

  13. @burf- lol..

    @mayG- thanks for stopping by… though i wonder how you fond my blo0g, i am glad you liked my list. 🙂

  14. Did the tag 🙂 At first I couldn’t think what to write, but once started there was no end! Painting is very relaxing and I am sure you are good. You should post the pictures of your paintings on your blog.I have seen many bloggers do that.

  15. @Burf- i think its time we stopped this “sticking virtual tongue out” madness !! 😛 as you can see, i get the last word!

    @Homecooked- do that tag..i’ve been telling everyone..it is fun:D waiting to see your list

    @IndianHomemaker- im coming over to read your list ..i am reallly not that good..have one or two decent ones.. may put those up..thanks for the encouraging words tho:D

  16. birthdayS= birthdays that come over the years….one per yr over tens of years…therefore the plural…

    btw, thanks fr reading my archeives! u r the only kind soul who seems to bother with reading old stuff!:D

  17. You are welcome ma’am! I found the posts interesting and easy to read and so 2 3 din se archives mein jhaankh raha hu 😀

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