29 thoughts on “The million dollar question

  1. oh i do know!! i remember your mentioning it some time back… all i can say is “besta luck” in advance!

  2. awww…poor Calvin !! I’d love to have a son like him !!!! he is shooo adorable :-))
    …and btw, I dont know the answer to the darlings question 🙂

  3. @snippetsnscribbles- may b i should introduce you to Lively.. you both have similar ideas about calvin!! and like i wished her the best of luck, i wish you the best of luck too!i wud like to have a boy in the neighbourhood like him but certainly not in the house! lol!
    i dont have an answer to his question either! 😦 but isnt what he’s saying a fact?

  4. @snippetsnscribbles- i know, the kid is too smart..thats what makes his so adorable..and difficult!

    @burf- i say an “exactly” to your “exactly”.. high time the world decided to be nicer to me!

    @chandni- i like the way you think. and i hope you are right on this one. 😀 will keep you posted,whenever the world choses to tilt in my favour 😀

    @burf- we ALL love CnH

    @lively- lol! an association of people who want to have kids like calvin! now that is sure to be a one of a kind association! 😀

  5. @homecooked- get back to those cartoon strips! now!!!

    @lively- as of now , you have only 2 ppl in your association..so snippetsnscribbles can be the secy..when your association grows, you can have elections to chose the chairperson and secy!

    @chakoli- :D..no, havent got any real reasons yet.

    @niveditha-right you are!

  6. 2 people dont make an association and snippetscribbles doesn’t seem to be interested. So I’ll wait till I get more people who are crazily in love with Calvin 🙂

  7. @lively- wokaay… your call, gurl!

    @chakoli- no no..i am not really expecting and answer. i just thought it would be intersting to fling this question at you guys to see what you think of it. i dont think there is a real answer to this question. this is jst how life is-unfair and therefore sometimes intesting.

  8. lax babe, since u quit bloggin, someone had to make up for the huge loss the blogging world has received!

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