Spiral effect

 The front page of today’s DNA newspaper carried a story about the loan waiver for indebted farmers. The story caught my eye and I quickly read through it while waiting for the bus in the morning.

I found the story to be quite shocking. It talked of a new trend in society where money lenders were committing suicides because of the waiver offered to farmers. Some of the money lenders had themselves borrowed money from other lenders and were therefore extremely worried about how they would return the money. When the debts were waived off, the farmers didn’t need to pay the money lenders anything-not even the principal amount, in turn making the money lenders themselves indebted to other, richer money lenders.

All this while I was very happy about the waiver.  I genuinely felt that this was a move in the right and it would lead to betterment in the lives of many poor farmers. What I didn’t realise was that everything in the social world has multiple facets. And for every ‘good’ action you take, there are innumerable outcomes possible- some good, some not so good. As an academic exercise, it is interesting to see how changing one aspect of social life, countless other aspects get impacted. But in real life -where real people are involved, it becomes that much more important to think through things thoroughly before implementing policies. Not once did I think of what would happen to the money lenders when I heard of the waiver. It just shows how short-sighted one can be.

PS- I tried finding the article on the online version of the newspaper but couldn’t. The article was titled “waiver pain: moneylender and family end life“. If you are keen on reading it, try searching the DNA  website or find a hard copy of the paper.

27 thoughts on “Spiral effect

  1. Can anyone care to run a complete risk analysis before making any decision which can affect not oneself but others and more so when others include a whole effing country!? Holy s**t man, how can people make decisions like this so easily?
    True innit? One man’s food is another man’s poison.

  2. Very true….while its really okay for farmers who are at the mercy of rain Gods,there should be relief for money lenders too.Maybe the govt themselves can give loans at a very low interest and then if for any reason the crops dont grow,then they can go ahead and waive the debt.But that would mean increase in taxes for the middle class people!!!I hope this thing gets solved amicably without loss of further lives!

  3. @lively- i am sure they did some sort of analysis.. but may b they dint think of this repercusion either…but its still a sad situation..

    @homecooked-its a co,plicated situation. i too hope they find a solution that suits all and harms none.

  4. What kind of an analysis doesn’t take care of repercussions?? I guess I better not get into it, these days I’m yelling a lot expletives than I usually do..

  5. I bet Mandira. Things are pissing me off everywhere. I guess I’ll do something having a very serious impact. Okay, the impact would be on myself. I’m quite harmless as such! 🙂

  6. hmmm…..

    The decisiosn is more of to count votes… as farmers are in majority then middle layer money lenders… and when a discussion is amde, India being an agricutlral land it is aksed…what and how much has been done for farmers…..

  7. very true. I have been following this story too and was quite surprised at what the policy had done. You cant please everyone just in a family. And it is impossible to do something like that in a country. Like Lively says, one man’s food is another man’s poison.

  8. I think we need to find a long term solution to this issue. A temporary relief to just some of the farmers is anyway of no use. What about those farmers who have repaid their loans with all their hard earned savings?

  9. @lively-something having a serious impact,eh? like what?

    @chakoli- child, whats with the typos??:P

    @snippetsnscribles- i know, finding options that suit everyone is nearly impossible.

    @niveditha-yes it is.. thats why i wrote about it..

    @Indianhomemaker-yup, there has to be a long term solution to this.. but what that solutions is, is something i dont know…farmers who have payed back their loans must almost be feeling cheated!

  10. chakoli- was teasing u about the spelling errors you made! 😛 i quote “discussion is amde, India being an agricutlral land it is aksed” 😛 😛 😛
    chill chill, its a non-issue but i just had to pull your leg!

  11. thats the problem!! i cant come up with a decent solution- that benefits all and harms none, for this situation… do u have any ideas?

  12. @homecooked- no new post coz i am doing LOTS AND LOTS of documentation work for the organisation right now. plus family is taking up loads of time…and nothing very exciting is happening in life anyway….but will try and post in a day or two..thanks for checking on me

    @burf-i will see how i have to deal with chidambaram and gang.. u give ur great ideas..

    @lively- lol! i did nothing for gudi padwa…and regarding the lack of a new post, refer to response to homecooked!

  13. people, people.. i still inhabit planet earth..so technically i am around… but the thing is that every few days work gets overwhelming and so i am forced to do teh disappearing act… i am aiming at publishing one post today…lets see if i am successful!

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