Visiting Mr.Wiggly

I was at my social best this last weekend. The three-day weekend game me ample time to re-connect with friends and family.  Of all the people I visited, my visit to  Mr. Wiggly was the  most memorable.

This was the first meeting between Mr.Wiggly and me and naturally, I wanted to put my best foot forward.  They say the first impression is the last impression and I did everything I could to make that impression impressive.  The fact that Mr. Wiggly is all of 5 months and remained blissfully unaware of the grand the effort I had made, is altogether a different story!


Unknown to dear Mr.Wiggly, a lot of preparation went into making that one all-important visit to him. I de-toured to one of the malls on the way back from work on Thursday to buy him a gift. My knowledge about kids and kiddie stuff is at best, minimal. So the visit to The Baby Shop was to me quite a wonderful experience. The first thing that struck me was the sheer volume of stuff available for kids. There is just too much to chose from! The second thing that struck me was how expensive things were. I mean I know things for children are not inexpensive but I dint realise how expensive they can get. What really shocked me was this teenie-weenie spoon I located, which according to the salesgirl was “economically priced at Rs.100”. “Hundred bucks for a plastic spoon!!! And this is stuff for small kids??” I screamed in my head.  The initial shock was rapidly overcome by the lure of  the cute-looking, colourful things surrounding me. Ooh what the hell! You visit long-lost friends and their kids only once in a while, right?  I ambled along the lines of racks for about 20 minutes till I found things that I thought were useful as well as pretty.  Got it all wrapped in a bright and shiny purple wrapping paper and was all set to go.


Before I tell you how the visits went, it’s important to delve a little into history. Mr. Wiggly’s mom and I have a common past. We studied in the same college and lived in as roomies in the hostel for a year. If you have every lived in a hostel, you will know this for a fact- you will always know more about your roomie that the roomies closet family members ever will! So my friend- M- knew of some of my deep dark secrets and, in turn, I knew some of her’s. She knew that I couldn’t cook Maggi to save my life. Still can’t. I knew she would ask me to wake her up every Sunday morning so that she could attend the morning service at church. Just as I knew she wouldn’t get up inspite of being coaxed and cajoled for the longest time ever. She would then promise herself to attend next Sunday’s service. The next Sunday never came.  I knew she was an untrained painter who painted beautifully, but was often spaced out. She knew I over-planned and had assignments done way before due dates.  We have also shared a few silly adventures.  Like the time M lost her cupboard key and we spent the better part of the afternoon trying to pick the lock with a screwdriver(yes, a screwdriver!), only to discover that the key wasn’t really lost.  It was lying securely at the bottom of her bag, suffocating under the weight of umpteen files and books.  With so much history between the two of us, it wasn’t possible for me to not jump for joy on learning that M was moving lock, stock and barrel from the US of A to India- actually to a place that was literally a stone’s throw away from my house.  The fact that she had a tiny baby was an added attraction.


Flash back over, back to the present.


Mr. Wiggly, I discovered in my brief 3.5 hour visit, is one of the most un-fussy, chilled-out kids I have ever met. He has the deepest black eyes and the most infectious smile.  He likes to watch adults chatting and occasionally throws in a gurgle or two to reminding them that he’s around too. He listens very attentively when spoken to and uses his eyes and facial expressions to respond. He is very non -materialistic in nature. The things I had bought for him didn’t catch his attention for even a second. He seems more interested in people than things. Interestingly Mr. Wiggly doesn’t have a name yet.  His parents have zeroed in on two options but are unable to agree on one. I, the objective third party, was asked to vote for one and make their task easier. I tried but couldn’t really choose either. While we sat discussing “fair means” to settle on a name, M came up with a bright idea- we’d make chits of the two names, fold them, put them in a bowl, shake the bowl and get Mr. Wiggly to pick one. That way he would have proactively chosen his own name! Brilliant, eh? I dint veto the name options but I certainly vetoed the fabulous idea about “fairly” choosing the name.  At the rate of which these guys are going, I am worried that Mr. Wiggly is going to have a fate similar to Munch’s. Munch is probably going to be called Baby Boy [Sirname] and this little guy is going to be called Junior [Sirname]!!


The visit was so much fun, that I am waiting for the next convenient weekend to make the next visit. Err…Do I need to take gifts the next time as well?:P 😛 😛

16 thoughts on “Visiting Mr.Wiggly

  1. @ homecooked- yup! cute he is! actually he was more intersted in the wrapper and the strange sounds it made than the gift! it was as if i had bought the gift for his parents and the wrapper for him! 😀

  2. cute:-)))

    I some how did spoent my quite a lot time with kids… and so I know what is to be done with them…what not…when they cry what is to be intrepreted…when they itch there ear what is means…and whole lot of stuff:_)))

    I just love kids….

    I agree that smile is infectious… the sweet tinkling noise they amke when laffing is just sooo cute:-))))

    You ahd a good time….looking fr a next post…with the nest visit:-)))

  3. @chakoli- 🙂 u seem btr equipped to handle kids than me! 😛 i was kinda lost but i survived- not damage to kid or me! 😛 and yes, when kids smile /laugh they do it very genuinely-thats why its so infectious! nxt visit not finalised yet..will keep u posted.

  4. Awww….that baby sure seems like an angel 🙂 I love it when kids are non-fussy 😀 like they know what is fussy and whats not 😀 and thats the beauty of ‘meeting’ kids. You can hand them back when they make a sad face :-)) and enjoy while the infectious smile lasts :-))

    Dint you pinch its cheeks ?? 😀 Thats something I cant keep away from 😀

  5. snippetsnscribble- totally!! its a bad eg.i know but its like having neighbours with pets.. u get to have all the fun n none of the responsibility!! dint pinch his cheeks..i hated it as a kid so i dont do it to other kids!:D

  6. Oh I so love kids and such a small one!! omigosh. I’d give anything to get him into my lap, cuddle and coo to him and watch his reaction. Guess motherly instincts are growing strong inside of me! 😉

  7. We would ideally like to SEE a photo of Mr Wiggly! 🙂 I have a photo of my nearly 3-month-old niece if you wanna exchange 🙂

    PS. Yer tagged!

  8. @lively- i know 😦

    @shyam- i wud have loved to click a pic of Mr.Wiggly.. that was the original plan…but somehow it felt a little weird to visit a friend after five years, fall completely in love with her kid, drool all over the kid and frantically take pictures of him ( ignoring all other family members). so the camera came back home with me- ununsed. may be next time the photo session will happen.

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