Q- How do you know the mango season has arrived?


A- When you are on your way home and cross a shop whose board proclaims this:



Sandwich Centre


And the shop contains this:






I kid you not. I saw this shop only yesterday evening.  A sandwich shop that had been converted into a full time alphonso selling centre! Not a sandwich in sight. Not a table or chair. Not even the stray tomato. Just stacks and stacks of mango crates.



Apparently selling mangoes is more profitable that selling sandwiches! But I am not complaining- I am partial to the fruit myself! 🙂 Nothing beats a sweet, juicy mango on a hot sumer day.


PS: I am hoping the foodie bloggers post some exciting recipies on mangoeeesss..Homecooked? Laxmi? Shyam?Any ideas?




19 thoughts on “Go-Man-Go

  1. Hey…dont look for recipes from me 🙂 I am such a mango hog,I cant wait to finish them off…..forget thinking of some exotic recipe! By the way small pieces of mango go very well with scoops of vanilla icecream.Try it !

  2. @homecooked- lol… yeah mangoes n vanilla ice cream go well..its one of my dad’s favourite combinations 🙂

    @indianhomemaker- i know..mango mik shake with loooots of ice! thanks for linking the header…i got bored of teh old theme and header.. this is a good change, i think.. 🙂

  3. ooh…i like all mangoes.. intersetingly im not as mad about alphonsos as the rest of the world is.. i think the north indian mangoes taste just as good..

  4. Lovely !! No wonder Mango is called the King of Fruits! I’m yet to meet a person who doesnt like mangoes. I hope I dont meet, actually. I’ll hate him/her terribly then 🙂

    I remember having devoured 3 full mangoes at once as a kid. We never ate mangoes that were cut into slices or cubes. We preyed on it like vamps 😀

  5. @chandni- yup..it was hilarious!

    @SnS-king of fruits-totallllly! eating mangoes can be messy ..but thats also the fun part,rt?! 🙂

  6. Oh! i’m missing them soo much….dad got some mangoes from a store but they were not nearly as good as the ones we get in India 😦

  7. @nidhi- time to make a trip to india, i say! 🙂 btr still mk the trip to B’bay..i promise to treat you to the choicest alphonsos!

    @lively-is rasayana the same as aamras? i looove pooran poli – dont really know how to make it tho!waiting fr that recipe ..:)

  8. @lively- thanks!

    @chakoli- watermelon is cool too…as it water melon juice.. with lots of kala namak…

    @lively- time and ideas are a constraint these days…its expected to be that way till the end of may 😦

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