“Don’t let go”

The biggest advantage of having colleagues who share the same taste in music, is that you can shamelessly copy all the stuff you like and not spend a penny on buying original CDs. Not the nicest thing for the poor (poor??who are you kidding?!!) artiste but you probably know my fundas on this- I am dead against violating copy rights, music being the one and only exception. I am allowed this one exception, aren’t I? I have “logic” behind this exception andΒ may be I will write about that someday but for now, lets not deviate. Of course, like with everything else in life, there is an underlying rule in this arrangement of acquiring music from colleagues- its mandatory to share all the music one has with those from whom music is being borrowed. The arrangement works just fine for me.

I found this song by Bryan Adams with one of my “friendly -colleagues” ( I have a serious problem in viewing colleague as ‘friends’. I maintain they are first colleagues and then friends. In that exact order,always). This is a duet sung by him with someone called Sarah McLachlan.I hadn’t heard of Ms.McLachlan till I came across this song and I have to admit this, she’s good. Very good. I wonder what other songs she has sung. I liked the lyrics and found the music nice too. I’d give this song 5 stars.

I can’t believe this moment’s come
It’s so incredible that we’re alone
There’s so much to be said and done
It’s impossible not to be overcome
Will you forgive me if I feel this way
Cuz we’ve just met – tell me that’s OK
So take this feeling’n make it grow
Never let it – never let it go

Dont let go of the things you believe in
You give me something that I can believe in
(No dont’ let go of this moment in time
Go of this moment in time
Don’t let go of things that you’re feeling

I can’t explain the things that I’m feeling
No don’t let go
No, I won’t let go

Now would you mind if I bared my soul
Bared my soul to you
If I came right out and said you’re beautiful
Cuz there’s something here I can’t explain
I feel I’m diving into (diving) driving rain
You get my senses running wild
I can’t resist your sweet, sweet smile
So take this feeling make it grow
Never let it – never let it go

I’ve been waiting all my life
To make this moment feel so right
The feel of you just fills the night
So c’mon – just hold on tight


Here’s the song, for your listening pleasure. πŸ˜€




Confession time: ‘Fun, fun!’ did I hear you say?! Its not that big a deal…its a teenie-weenie, bordering on insignificant confession. I have blogged about songs I have liked earlier too- I think it makes sense to share things that I have enjoyed with others. This time however, I am using it as a filler. I am terribly pressed for time at work and I suspect things are going to remain this way for another month. I haven’t had much time to do a “thinking post” so I am resorting to “quick n easy posts”. Like the tag before this post. Bear with me for a while, ok? If nothing else, you will get to hear a few good songs and may be discover some trivial about me!:P

PS: I am sorry for the constantly changing blog theme. I cant seem to make up my mind! Arrrrrrggh!!On the bright side, at least I am consistent about the blue!


PPS: I have been toying with the idea of doing brief book reviews on the blog. I am back at reading with a vengence and am wondering if doing reviews would be a good idea. What do you say?

25 thoughts on ““Don’t let go”

  1. Havent read your blog yet but wanted to tell you that this layout is awesome! Better than the earlier one πŸ™‚ Ok, I’ll go and read your post now πŸ™‚

  2. πŸ™‚ No idea about the song althou….

    but good to see u copying:-)

    theme is looking nice…each time u change keep on chnaging…we wont mind…;-)

  3. @SnS- thanks.. i think i like this lay out btr too! πŸ˜€ dont worry about nt having read my post, i stopped by your blog and couldnt finish reading ur latest post either! πŸ˜›

    @chakoli-dint the song play? youtube is blocked here so i cant figure out.. but it SHUD play..hear it, im sure you’ll like it. thanks for accepting a “constantly changing and evolving”blog theme!

  4. Music is actually so important to me that I dont care what the source is if I’m getting good quality. And for people like me, buying all the music I want means drowning in a hugggggggeeeee chunk of money. But when I want better quality I go for originals.
    I hope your work pressure subsides soon and we get to read some nice loooong posts.

  5. Lively- i agree, copying is good but original CDs are better!
    and mr. adams rocks totally… did you hear the song from youtube ? did you like it?

  6. ooh..then may b i’ll jst email u the link or smthing…

    nope…i havent changed the theme again… its been the same since yesterday…may be you are getting confused…

  7. these buggers in office blocked youtube!!! blah!
    i dont remember this song ……

    Btw- love the new layout! Totally awesome! you rock mandypaji!

  8. Hey Mandira! Seriously, these changing themes dont help me connect to your blog!! 😦 To date, whenever i think bout your blog its the black theme dat always comes to mind!! Pl decide soon!!!!

  9. @chakoli-thanks for the tag..but im kinda confused baout this one.. i just link as many ppl as i like ..and then thats it?wats the purpose of that i wonder..

    @neeti-youtube is blocked here too…as are a hundred other things..i hv just resigned to my fate! its a realllly nice song…try hearing it at home, if u get thetime..i like the new layout too…had gotten bored of the old one..btw, thanks for re-surfacing on my blog! πŸ˜›

    @meghana-i know changing themes dont help in connecting with the blog.. but i NEEDED the change!! i think for now, im sticking to this blue theme..:D

  10. @IH- thanks! i was wondering where u had gone…dint see ur paw prints in a while.. im sticking with this blus theme for nw..glad u liked it πŸ˜€

  11. oh yeah? i dint know she existed… but she’s damn good!! will look for that song on youtube or smthing..

  12. yeah do that…I think the song is called “witness” …and now that i think abt it, its been such a long time…am going to dig out the CDs today!

  13. wokay chandu.. “witness” it is! will check it out at home and tell u wat i think of it πŸ˜€

  14. oyeeeeieie

    us canadians don’t just have shania twain to boast about, we have sarah too!!! πŸ˜€ (i was gonna type celine dion instead of shania but then thought twice hehe)

  15. roop- i know now! love shania too!! πŸ˜€ celine dion is nt too bad either..some of her songs are rather nice.. but some are…err…u know…just not nice!!
    thank you for approving the blog’s look! πŸ˜€

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