Perfect at 27

This is turning out to be the best birthdays ever.

As a kid  I believed 27 would be a good age to be. I dont know where I got that notion from, but for some reason it sounded like the perfect age to me- neither too old nor too young…in other words, just right. I dint have a logical reason behind the though, but I think I was intutively thinking in the right line.

I think 27 suits me!  Life’s never been so good- I know what I am doing, I know where I am going and I know what the broad objectives of my life are. I am happy with my current job- I am getting the opportunities to do what I like, have decently ok-colleagues and a good boss. I am finding time to do the things I truly enjoy-blogging, cooking and reading. My relation with my immediate family has only gotten better with time. And I have also been able to re-connect with friends  who were beginning to get lost in the hustle-bustle of life.  Does it get any better than this?  I think not!

Normally I am the kind who likes to keep birthdays low-key. I find large crowds of people singing happy birthday, hugely embarassing…I always have. So for me low-key is the way to be. Give me a bunch of selected people, a quiet dinner with good conversation and I am happy. As today is a working day, we have ended up celebrating my birthday partly in advance! My mom took me to the local bookstore day before and let me pick up any book that caught my fancy. I picked these- a book of short stories by Rabindranath Tagore and Sophie’s world by Gaardner. Now I have four brand new books- all bought within the span of 3 weeks!!

As a part of our “advanced” celebrations, Mom even took me out for dinner yesterday. We went to a place called Yo China. Its not as economical as they advertise it to be,but the servings are large and the food good. I found the decor no-frills and neat and the lighting good. The music was what killed the dinner.Lound, head-banging music appeals to a certain section of the society, I am sure, but unfortunely neither I nor my parents fall under that catergory. The only good fall-out of the music was my silence during the meal!I wasnt willing to constantly repeat myself.

Today is going to be the more public b’day- the kind I don’t particularly like. There’s be the typical samosa party for the office people on my floor- thats the tolerable, almost-fun part. The not-so -fun part will be the lunch hour. The admin depratment has come up with a new strategy to give everyone a “personal touch” on their bdays(like its some mega event). They dig out the ugliest, oldest, worst picture of the person and put a blow up of that pic along with a picture of a  pink-icing laden cake and project this lovley combo on one of the walls of the cafeteria. The result? All people known an dunknown walk up to you during lunch, pump your hand with gusto, wish you “many happy returns of the day” and enquire about the party you are supposed to  organise for them. The fact that you dont know the names /departmentsof many of the people who wish you, is naturally of little consequence here. Food , they say is primary. So it doesnt matter who gets them food, as long as they get it!! The whole this is just very awkward, if you ask me.

On a more seriosu note,I think this is a good day do indulge in some self-analysis. Dont be too impressed. I dont indulge in self-analysis on every birthday. A conversation with someone got me thinking in this direction. I kinda like this idea of doing a yearly self analysis- it looks like  a good way to keep a tab of one’s progress. I am listing out key observations/ realisations/ learning of the year gone by , more for myself that anyone else!

  • I have learnt to deal better with people,especially at work. I could improve further, but I am much better than before. I can handle sticky situtations better, dont get flustered as easily when I hit a crisis and am generally in better control of things.
  • I have learnt to not let people know how upset I am. My face used to be a map of my feeling, and though its good to be honest with people and tell them what you are thiking, its not always good to be so transparent.Sometimes it works against you. So I have worked on that a bit and gotten better.
  • I have surely become better at multi-tasking. i write everything in my diary, which is a great help , but even otherwise I can move between tasks with more ease now.
  • I think I have grown to understand my parents better. Not that I dint understand them earlier, but the understanding is deeper now.
  • I have learnt to crib less. Being surrounded by some of the crabbiest people, helps in realising how essential it is to not crib. It makes you more likeable and improves the work/home environment by leaps and bounds.
  • i have learnt  life is unpredictable. Being adaptable and flexible is the best way to deal with this.
  • I have realised blogging works for me! I have found my niche in the blogosphere, made a set of blogging buddies and am loving it. Blogging I have discovered is like a  world in itself.
  • I have realised friends are not those who live in the same city as you. They are the ones who remember you , wish you well irrepective of the distances.
  • I have realised that I like an active, packed life far better than a luxurious, cushy, easy one. I think had I been one of those ultra-rich kids who got everything on a platter, I would be a different person altogether.  Hard work is good. It chisels your personality besides fortifying you to deal with whatever life dishes out.
  • No matter how smart you think you are, your parents will always be smarter!

What do I still need to do? Become more patient,use my time better, organise my finances better, read more.

What has made this bday extra special has been my very first blog award!! Homecooked conferred this on me yesterday and it made my day! Thanks a million!!

 I, in turn, would like to pass on the award to Chandni, ParulLively and Snippetsnscribbles. ( if you guys have already got this one, feel free to give it a skip. ) . I am passing on the award for selfish reasons. They say what goes around comes around, so I am only making sure all nice things happen to me this year!!

36 thoughts on “Perfect at 27

  1. Hey Happy Birthday Mandy! 🙂
    Let’s have a virtual party. No on the face wishes and smearing of cake, just a simple talk. What say?
    And thanks a lot for the award. But it gave me a different feel after I read that it was for selfish reasons. Fishy eh?
    Anyway have a great adn bindas life ahead.
    Cheers *clink* (okay, that was virtual too ;))

  2. @burf- thanks… the taj? 😛

    @lively- thanks.. u know i was kidding about the “selfish”reasons for giving the award na?

    @chandu- thanks and u are verry welcome!! 😀

    @lively- yes it is just right!!

  3. Hey Mandira,

    Wish You a Very Happy Birthday.Sorry for wishing you a bit late….but was caought up in my own celebrations 🙂 Hmm….27 haan, you sound much more younger and hip than 27 🙂 Heres to many more great years ahead!

  4. hey homecooked! i can totally understand u were busy! we share the same sun sign after all!! hope u had a good bday too!! i like the sound of being “hip-per and younger”! 😀

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  6. @lively- ya sure! im making arrangements for it..will send u a formal invitation when everythings set!:D

    @parul- u are very welcome!

  7. Very pleasant shade of blue your blog has..

    happy birthday Mandira! Think i’ll try this introspection thing myself. few months to go though! 🙂

  8. @nimpipi- thanks.. introspection is quite a nice activity..helps you take stock of life.. i suggest you do it for ur bday too

    @burf- dint know the taj had asbestos sheets! if you like nanda devi better, we all can go there.. your call!

  9. What arrangements do I need to do for a Virtual party?? 😕
    At the most I can take a steaming mug of coffee and sit in front of the compooter.

  10. Many many happy returns of the day, Mandira 🙂

    I loved this post totally. An introspection into ones lives atleast once a year always proves to be healthy 🙂 Specially with the work-related things you’ve mentioned, I could relate to it so well. I used to do the same things everyday actually. Look back on the day and see where I could’ve done better. It really helps. And I think you’re already doing a very good job! Keep it that way 🙂

    Thanks so much for the blog award too 🙂 I feel privileged 🙂

  11. @lively- lol True!!

    @pooh- come on over!the party is on!

    @SnS- i am realizing how good this self assessment thing really is…thanks for appreciating this post and the real life effort that went behind it! 😀

  12. @lively- refer to burf’s has moved to nanda devi, it seems!!

    @burf- wokaaaaay!done deal!!


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