Cloud No.9

I am on clound  9.

I like it there. I think I’ll move there permanently!

Evidence suggests, the blog-o-sphere loves me! Just when I was getting used to my very first blog award,a second one came my way! This time it was the result of the generosity of Lakshmi of theyumblog and qtol fame. I suggest you guys go over to visit her food blog. Its a joint venture of Lakshmi and her mum along with a few relatives and has the nicest looking food. If the whole family cooks like this, I wonder how they maintain their weight!! The pics put up on the blog is motivating me to move to Channai!Even for a self-proclaimed non-foodie, resisting food that looks so good, is hard! The other blog maintained by the lady is good as well. Unfortunately, I think she has been neglecting it lately. Its going to wither away into oblivion one day, Lakshmi!! I warn ya! Do something quick! On a more serious note, the posts have been slow there, but what is archeived is pretty darn good.

Talking of clouds, the skies over Mumbai have turned into a canvas of late. With the monsoons approaching, its cloudy off and on.  As if the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds…now you see it, now you dont. To me the sky looks this huge background painted in a smoothing colour of blue, with the white and grey clouds moving fluidly, forming shapes. Cloud gazing is a joy, I have discovered. Not only is it fun to figure out faces, animals and other shapes in the clounds, it is also very calming to watch the big blue expanse. I am waiting for the rains to arrive now. Cant wait to get out the umbrella and floaters and gorge on pakoras and chai. Rain, coffee and a good book is as close to heaven as it gets.  

PS: Those living in Delhi, I cant believe you guys have rains and we dont!!!
PPS:May be I should move back….um…naaah.. I’ll be patient.. our rains are anyday better than your’s!

13 thoughts on “Cloud No.9

  1. Hey….congrats on your award! I hope it rains soon in Bombay….am saying this cos I am not there and you seem to love them 🙂

  2. Aww that is so damn cute. A bear hug! Congrats Mandy. It rains cats and dogs in Mumbai when it does. Remember the floods? So be patient.
    I’ll be hopping off to the food blog now! 🙂

  3. you should also get best eliciter of delhi better or mumbai debate award

    you people can’t even imagine what we have got, let alone rains 😛 😛

    please move back please move back please please 😀

  4. @SnS-thanksss!

    @homecooked- i totallllllllly love the rains… waiting impatiently for them.

    @lively- yaa, i know…dont remind me of the floods pleaseeeeeeee!

    @chandu- yeah .. i k now.. but im still jealous:P

    @chakoli- cute na?:D 😀

    @burf- lol!! if thats the case, can u please give me the award!?wat exactly do u have that we dont? besides space…

  5. trees
    lsrs, j&ms
    lodhi gardens
    red forts
    gateway to himalays
    freezing winters
    gole gappe, aaloo tikkis
    smaller slums 😀

    can’t recall other 3 score items [case of amnesia, u see]

  6. sparce vegetation
    xaviers,nn, sndt
    local trains!
    boriwali national park
    gateway to the arabian sea
    pleasant winters
    pani puri and bhel
    the status of having the largest slum in asia

    beat that!:P

  7. sparce vegetation = rose buds in highrise balconies
    xaviers,nn, sndt = i was referring to the crowd :D, coz delhi is regularly rated high[est] in quality of edu category
    local trains! = i should type that again, m e t r o
    boriwali national park = did you ‘choose’ to ignore the plural notation?
    ??? 😉
    gateway to the arabian sea – chalo kuch to mila – which btw is not the biggest in its category 😉
    pleasant winters – lol, pleasant, u know as well as me/we they are not called “winters” 😀
    pani puri and bhel – o cmon, pani puri is plain plagiarism. bhel, but baby you are well set to lose on the count of chaat items
    the status of having the largest slum in asia – thank Lord, you/they have that status 😉

  8. Congrats for your award:)
    I enjoy reading these Bombay-Delhi comparisons:) I have lived in both, love both. What I dislike about Delhi is the crime and aggressive public attitude. What I love is the weather from November to Feb. And the gulmohar and amaltas (laburnum) on the road side trees in May.

  9. @IH- both the cities are special in their own way.. i surely miss the greenery of delhi…n the wide roads..and the space in general…but i dont missed getting eve teased at all!:P in that particular context b’bay is sooo much btr!!

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