Soon ..very soon..

Ouch!!!” she yelled in pain, almost losing her balance. This was the second time in as many minutes that she had stubbed her toe.  If she kept walking like this, she would need to forget about going home and head to the doctor’s clinic instead.

The road -or what was left of it – was littered with assorted, rough-edged stones, chucks of tar coal and discarded pavers. Forgetting her pain for a minute, she smiled to herself “BMC has dug up everything!! Surely the monsoon is on its way!”

Note: I managed to write this one in 88 words. Better than last time! 😀

There are threads of fact in this piece of fiction too. ( I will evnetually move to an all-out fiction..just like I will one day write within 55 words! :P) In case you think I am kidding you, I suggest you visit our city and see the wonderful state of the roads for yourself!

18 thoughts on “Soon ..very soon..

  1. @burf- i totally love it! roads…bad roads..watever!

    read ur 55 and left u a comment…go see

  2. :-))))

    With so many bad things we still love them:-))) thats what I like most abt it:-)))

    u managed to do it in 888 words…

    damn …

    good one dear:-))

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