Joy ride

She thought he was a friendly colleague. He though she was a colleague who could be turned into more than a friend.

Her naivety was the reason he could take her for a ride. She knew better now. No matter what the repercussions, she was going to bring this “joy ride” to a halt. May be he didn’t realise it but the happiness of his wife and child depended on it.

Note: People, I have managed to write this one in 70 words, but I want you guys to tell me if you are able to understand what I am trying to say ..So bring on the comments please!

24 thoughts on “Joy ride

  1. Hope I understood it correctly…

    Are you trying to say… guy was married and girl dont want to extend this relation any further??

    pardon me If i m wrong… 😦

  2. @chakoli- yeah..smarty pants u are!:P

    @lively- i know the next one btr be 55 wrods..

    @burf- have a heart man!!may b story wasnt that great but i got it dwn to 7wrds! 😦
    but thanks fr the honest opinion…:)

  3. @lively- 😀

    @homecooked- iam glad u cud understand the story…i wasnt sure if iwas clear enuf!

    @chakoli- u r welcome!

    @JB- dude i still cant figure where the humour in this story is…but if u find “the portrayal, not the affair” funny…so be it! as long as u enjoyed it.. im nt complaining!

  4. yehhh bit in a sense ya’re capturing all tatz happening these days!!
    married men, married woman- well, everybody is in love n lust, n not with their spouses!

  5. jane- thanks for stopping by…and yeah this is wat is happening around… all i can say is… it isnt a pretty sight…and its nt something i subscribe to..
    i noticed i am on ur blogroll…how did u find me??

  6. Extra-marital affair for the guy right?
    Written well (i’m just repeating myself! Bah!!) 😉
    I wanna try this out too… Fiction 55…

  7. @pixie- yeah, u got it rt..thanks..give it a try…its good fun as well as a bit of a challenge.

    @mayG-u think right! naive doesnt mean stupid! shud realise that!

  8. Hi doll,

    been a long time… but honestly I think you’ve got more up your sleeve. Critically it didnt leave much to the imagination, the punchline was- pretty much expected. Btw why are you trying 60 words and 70 words and all that?? Sorry I’ve been out of the loop have you taken up creative writing??

  9. keren! you are back!! thanks for teh critical appreciation… will improve on the pts mentioned!

    iam trying my hand at 55fiction… google it to find out wat it is..its quite a challenge and im hving fun struggling with it..i guess u cud call it a type of creative writing..

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