How did the weekend go?

Pretty darn good!!!

It was packed with truckloads of activity and people and I loved it! 🙂

I discovered this lady who teaches how to make ice creams at home. I fixed an appointment with her and spent a major part of last Saturday afternoon in her miniscule “class-room”, gasping for air, taking down copious notes on the exact procedure, as mentioned by her. She made it sound quite easy- take milk, add flavours, essence, chemicals ,freeze and voila!! You have yourself ice cream! But I havent tried it out yet. So for all you know its not all that simple. I will have to try it myself before I can officially declare myself to be The Ice Cream of Maker of the family.Talking of The Ice Cream maker, I finished the book about a week back. Need to write a review on that soon.  

After the class, I headed towards town. For those who have never lived in Mumbai, I must enlighten you on this “town” business. Normally when  we say “town”, it means we are refering to any part of the whole city, right? But when you live in the island city and you use the word “town” , it refers wholly and solely to the southern tip of the island. Why only south bomaby is called “town”, I still haven’t figured out. Its one of those things I laughed at at the beginning and graudally came to accept. So anyway, I made a trip down town to meet up with a friend. A friend who is the co-author of qtol. (neha??I hope you realise I’m still referring to you as co-author. That means that verrrry soon you will need to write something.. i.e. if you want to maintain that title!:P). I went to her office, met her colleagues, saw some of the cool stuff she does and told her of some of the not-so-cool stuff  I do at work and the not-so-chilled out people i work with. 😛  We headed to Colaba Causeway in search of an early dinner but before we could decide on dinner, made a  stop-over at Theobroma(slurrp…slurrrp) to buy a few brownies for those at home and then went over to Cafe Churchill to eat. We ordered for fresh lime soda and we served exactly that- it was fresh, it had lime and soda and it was luke warm! When Neha asked for ice we were told “We dont have ice . Its coming.” Donno why they dint have ice or where they were getting it from, but eventually we drank the beverage without the ice. The food was much better than the beverage. While Neha ate,I hogged.:P We went back home after the dinner. I got home a little before ten, dog -tired but very very happy.

I was on a cooking spree on Sunday. I desperately needed a break from office, work and collagues. Of late its been getting a little overwhelming. So cooking served the dual purpose of giving my mom a break from the daily drudgery and gave me the opportunity to keep my hands and head creatively employed. I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. And amazingly all of it turned out nice. I even got a pat on the back from mommy dearest for it. 🙂 Btw, my mom started blogging some time back. I think that really cool! Unfortunately, she wants to keep her blog private, at least for now. If and when she decides to change her mind, I will keep ya al’ posted.

I was an eye-witness to a political public meeting on Sunday evening. Some sometime politician , along with his cronies had pitched his tents on a road intersection a couple of meters away from our building.  They had  made all the arrangements for a full-fledged public sermon. There was a lound speaker system set it on the highest possible volume level, neat rows of plastic chairs with  disinterested looking people occupying them, a make-shift stage and  a handful of white clothed individuals walking around looking busy but actually doing precious little. I suspect the white clothed people were politicians in the making and were there to support the main politician. the situation kinda reminded me of a intership. lol.  Though I thought these chaps made an interesting subject to watch and pass comment on, I also realised what a public  nuisance they were. The road had been dug up to accommodate the bamboo poles on which the tent was pitched. The traffic had to be diverted because of the blocked road and the near-by shops had to shut early in the evening because the crowds were spilling over to the enterace of their shops and the sound of the loud speakers was deafening. I am sure the politicain got some direct benefits out of that meeting-may be a few additional votes at the next election, but I am sure the general public got none at all. If I think hard, I can think of one  benefit that some members of the public got out of this nuisance – the free samosa-chai served at the end of the sermon! 

I began reading the book on short-stories by Tagore- the one that was gifted on my birthday, this weekend. This is the first time I am reading Tagore. I managed to read the first two stories and really liked what I read.

So after that very productive  and satisfying weekend, I am back at work now. All charged up to face the week ahead!

PS:Listen to the song on the widget. Its one of my all-time hindi favourites. I heard it over the weekend, so though I should share it with you all.

22 thoughts on “How did the weekend go?

  1. Btw The song was really good!!!
    Though I’ve heard it quite a few times before, it just brought back pleasant memories and put me in a good mood!
    Thanks 🙂

  2. @chakoli- lol…yeah it was totally “thanda”

    @niveditha- my life IS good! i work in the social development field..

    @neha- dont kill my efforts, you bum!!

    @niveditha- i love that song myself!its is really nice..:)

  3. Wow….you’ve had a pretty good weekend. I love going to “town” as my friend lives in Colaba. But to travel from Goregaon to Colaba takes a full day and it can be termed as a day trip 🙂 Give me some icecream recipes too….I mean if you are allowed to, by the instructor ofcourse 🙂

  4. Yay! I knew a post was comin up. So you had a great weekend ain’t it. And pls do try n make ice-cream at home and post recipe too.
    And yeah politicians are big time nuisance during the canvas and all. If they want to do a public sermon they should choose apt location like a stadium or a field. Intersection of a busy road is no choice. That suggests what kinda jugheads have we got for our leaders.

  5. @homecooked- travelling from pt.A to B in bombay is like a day trip itself!! lol…but sometimes its worth it.. wud have loved to share the recipe with you, but the first instruction the instructir gave was not to give out her recipies! my grandmom used to make decent ice cream too..will try locating that one and will pass it on to u..

    @lively-yup1 weekend was good fun!!
    by and large, i think nuts rule (or aim at ruling) this country..

  6. That was a nice weekend, and a really busy one too! Nothing like learning something new to make you feel good:)
    Oh Don’t we Indians just love our politicians, and don’t they love us right back!??

  7. @lax- babe u live too far…else u cud have joined us..we had FUN! but remember, neha visited your place and i was left behind at bbay? this evens out the situation!:P
    and im going to make you bums write! i am !i am! i am!! if its the last thing i ever do..

    @IH-yup..learning new things is always fun! i noticed both of us wrote stuff on politicians/political systems on the same day…seems like we connect!

  8. theobroma!! churchill!!
    *sniffles* god! i miss bbay.

    and btw, im so proud of u…u actually travelled all the way to TOWN to meet another human! my my! Neha is the privileged one.

  9. You are such a lucky bug.. besides really you either have a completely vella job or you type really fast..that was the mother of all posts.

  10. keren- i AM a lucky bum… and i DO type FAST! hehehe…generally my posts are long…longer than your’s anyway.. “mother of all posts”–lol!!:D

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