CnH to the rescue

Work is a tad slow today. I am keeping myself entertained by reading C&H on one window and doing important insignificant marginally significant work on the other two. Multi-tasking is a skill, my friends. Not everyone can do it.Β πŸ˜›

Found this cartoon strip that reminded me of Roop’s post. Thought I’d put it up. I could write a long, never ending scroll on my relationship with the subject. But I dont think anyone would be keen on reading that,soΒ I shall refrain.

PS:Just in case you have a teenie-weenie bit of interest in my relation with maths, lemme know. I may edit this post to add stuff about it.

PPS: Please tell me you want to know every minute detail about my rocking relationship with the subject. I have time on my hands people and little to do!!

Β Edited to add:

Now that I have coerced everyone into asking Β me about my rocking relationship with mathematics, its only fair that I write in adequate depth about the subject at hand.

To begin with, I didn’t always detest the subject. In fact, I sort of liked it, at least till class 8. I wasn’t fabulous at it and it undoubtedly needed more effort on my part than other subjects, but it wasn’t an insurmountable task either. Β If I tried hard enough, I managed to clear my exams with decent marks. But I never really enjoyed the subject the way I enjoyed History and English and Home Science. My mom helped me out with the daily lessons till class 7Β  I think, after which she declared it was too much for her to do and passed on the task of teaching the subject to my dad. Now dad’s style of teaching and my style of learning didn’t match. So as a teacher-student duo we flopped royally. Β DuringΒ  Β the summer vacations, my grandfather would try to teach me but by the time I was in the tenth, my interest in the subject had dwindled to nothing. Left with no options, my mother found a maths tutor for me in the tenth class (granddad dint live in the same city, mom couldn’t teach the subject at all and dad and I dint get along too well on the teaching-learning front).Β  So thrice a week, I would cycle down to this lady’s house and spend an hour and a half cracking maths problems.

Most people find maths logical, I find it illogical. I have asked some of the silliest questions in class. For example, in the ninth we had a question in geometry that I though was utterly ridiculous. It had two parallel lines intersected with a diagonal line and we were to prove that the two parallel lines were parallel indeed. Β I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I needed to prove the lines parallel when I could see they were parallel. Β It was as plain as the nose on my face that the lines were parallel so why would I dig out some formula, apply it to the diagram and then prove that the lines were really parallel. It made no sense. The teacher, I am sure thought, I made no sense. Hmmph.

Β Despite the subject being as illogical as I found it to be, I managed to clear the tenth board exams with decent marks. My battle with the subject taught me that it would be in my best interest to drop the subject all together in the eleventh. And I did just that. My parents were totally ok with this but I think my grandfather died a hundred deaths on hearing my decision. Β He had been promoting maths as “the king of all subjects” since the day I entered school. He was sure that since he was marvellous at the subject and all his children were just as good, his grandchildren would be so too. He tried hard to explain to me the great possibilities that the subject would open up to me. Β He made it sound as if my life would change if I took up that subject. Actually it would have – it would have ensured that I was the only child in the entire family who flunked her class 12 exams !! Fortunately all the advice and explanation fell on deaf ears. Eventually I did drop the subject and I haven’t repented my decision a single day.

It’s not as if I haven’t had to use maths anywhere after the tenth.Β  Obviously I have, but I have basic concepts in place and can carry out commonly needed mathematical operations. I still can’t figure why my granddad insisted on studying the subject throughout school. I would probably have chosen a different profession and been a different person all together had I studied maths. I am just very glad I dint!!


42 thoughts on “CnH to the rescue

  1. Yeah yeah even I can read any of your relationship with anything/anyone πŸ˜‰
    Go ahead it’s your blog, write to your heart’s content πŸ™‚
    Honest! arre sahi mei..

  2. @chakoli- i think i spoke to soon… now i have serious work to do !!but fear not…by 4 pm today, u will have the edited version of this post waiting fr u to read it!

    @lively- hail calvin!dnt worry..u’ll get traffic to ur blog too…u’ve changed addresses so may be thats wats brought down the stats

    @roop- lol! i thought the world in general needed to know that!:p hehe…i will surely write about the relationship… but im not too sure about the extra marital ones! πŸ˜›

  3. Oh!! I love CnH!! I have a folder filled with CnH cartoons here at work!! πŸ˜€
    And ur Maths Stories had me laughing out loud!!
    I hated Maths in School – till 7th Std…
    Then, after that – I had an awesome tution teacher – he turned me around and made me love the subject
    I always wanted to do my M.Sc in Maths – but, didnt do it sadly…

  4. LOL nice justification as to why Maths is illogical. Good you dropped it, and too glad to know you dont regret the decision. You are some tough soul

  5. @pixie- CnH rock, i know!! u hope for a M.Sc in maths wow!!! i wudnt hv even dreamt of it!!

    @lively-i repeat-maths IS illogical!!!

  6. bwahahah! Good one, Mandira ! πŸ˜€ Loved this post and the one on geometry was hilarious! I could so easily relate to it πŸ˜€ cos I had the same questions!!
    And I hated geometry but in 10th I scored all of 98! πŸ˜€

  7. SnS- glad to see we share common issues with maths…but im quire amazed u did that well in the guessing, deep down u really did like the subject!lol

  8. @chakoli- thank u fr declaring me normal πŸ™‚ i think i shud hv call the teacher home n given her tutions!her fundas were all wrong !

  9. LOL…your description of parallel lines is so funny πŸ™‚ Teachers are just blind,I tell you ! My dad was like your grandfather…he couldnt fathom at all,how I didnt like maths. Surprisingly I took maths in college though it was optional but I did pretty well considering how I loathed the subject!

  10. @chakoli-hmmmmmmm

    @homecooked- I am telling u , you guys are fake! both snipetsnscribbbles and you.. πŸ˜‰ she got a 98 on 100 and you voluntarily took up the subject in college!! lol! i am guessing you did pretty ok…i on teh other hand, struggled till i got fed up and gave up!

  11. True! Maths is illogical in fact. I remember a case where a child had a doubt about the famous Pythagoras theorem (in case you don’t remember, its that x^2+y^2=z^2 wala thing…..yaad aya? chalega..just google it :)) and he was like but why should the hypotenuse squared always be the sum of the sides squared? And there was a pin drop silence after that for a while i guess. Jo bhi ho..the eg. given is also equally good πŸ™‚

  12. @lively- u got new post!!! u just dint read it yet!!:P

    @nischal-thanks fr stopping by …and thanks for revising the theorem for me! as u mite have guessed it, i dint remember it! hehe..anyway, im happy to know other ppl who consider maths illogical exist on this planet!

  13. hey cinnmint, so nischal came thru you.. i was wondering where he came from!
    liked your comment on this post- hv read that particular strip earlier nevertheless it always makes me smile..

  14. You are trying to be logical! Cinnmint had nishchal in her comment implies nishchal cam thru her…good. But not sure if the argument holds true. πŸ™‚

  15. nischal, once in a while i do try my hand at good old logic…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt!
    so unravel the mystery n tell me, did u come via cinnmint or not?

  16. U too many thrus… Nish to hameshaa chalta hi rehta hai… u never know where he has been… the important thing is that he stopped by!

  17. Hey Mandira!! It was both, cathartic and delightful to read this post!!! Honestly, my relationship wid the subject wasnt any better!! πŸ™‚ I too gave up on it after class X tho i scored reasonably well!! Other than dat, u r turning out to be a rather formidable writer!! Its really delughtful to read your posts and i cant tell you how u seem to have evolved since your first post!! so keep writing………love you for all the delight you bring in my life thru this blog!! πŸ™‚

  18. meghana- thanksssss soo much!! that was such a sweet comment!!*hugs*
    u write well too… but u need to write more often!!hvnt found anything new on ur space fr a while now..

    btw, welcome to the club of math-haters!!

  19. Haha re your maths experience – pretty much similar to mine in school πŸ™‚ I had a decent teacher in the 8th standard… then she left and we got the world’s WORST teacher ever, and with him went any hopes of my ever liking maths. Good ol’ Premchand – last heard, he’s still making the subject a thing of hatred for school kids!

  20. shyam- happy to know you love maths as much as i do!im telling you, half the kids who hate the subject began hating it coz they got terrible teachers- like good ol’ premchand.. im guessing its not THAT bad a subject otherwise..

  21. Well, Did you notice that the parallel lines you drew to establish that they didnt need to be proven they were // are actually smiling? I found them cute.

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