The girl

This was where her toys used to be kept. This was where she used to sleep. Fights with her brother would occur here. Her loving mother would cook her favourite meals in this very place.

Reduced to a large heap of rubble by the City Municipality, this is where her whole life used to be.

Note- The story is again inspired by reality. But this time I have managed with exactly 55 words. Finally.

26 thoughts on “The girl

  1. I always read your blog (found my way here through Abhay’s) but seldom comment. Didn’t think very highly of your previous attempts at 55 but this one is very good. Congratulations!

  2. Wonderful! Way to go! I have been reading your attempts at 55 word fiction and trying to motivate myself to try the same.. Looks like I will never do it… (unless a tag makes its way! I just love tags)
    But I did try writing radio ads a few days ago and trying to fit the context within 30 secs was a toughie!
    Congrats again!

  3. @nimpipi-give it a try,really..its good fun! will come over to ur blog in a day or two to see your attempt at this,k?btw, i like this header too!:)

    @roopanjana- yup i know u found my blog thru abhay’s ..u commented a few decades back, but i remember!:P thanks for the honest appraisal of my attempts of 55 fiction. glad u liked this one.i think i am getting better with practice!

    @lax- thanks babe!FINALLY u approve! have i told u i enjoy ur mom’s blog!:D

    @pooh- try it na!! dont think a tag is possible on 55…or is it? if it is then consider urself tagged…may be u can publish ur radio ad..i’d love to read it..if nt hear it..

  4. @burf- thanks!!!

    @nidhi- that was such a lovely compliment. thanks, girl!

    @lively- yup, a pat on the back is due! well, there is underlying conflict… a conflict of interests between those who live in illegal homes and those of the municipality/govt. btw, the newer versions of 55 have eliminated the condition of conflict and have taken real life situations and dramatised it.

    @chakoli- thank u , thank u. im getting better with practice, i’d like to believe!

  5. lively – much different versions of 55 are floating our there, and not all version follow all rules, except the 55 word one

    churning – very hot & sweet shorts, those blue ones 😀

  6. @lively- im coming over…

    @chakoli- hehee.. u are good for my ego, girl!!

    @burf- thanks dude…err… but wat “blue ones” are u talking of???

  7. burf- i think the only reason u visit this blog is to check out the pics…. i think i shud get rid of that widget…

  8. when you put something up in the public domain, it is the part of public, you can’t be dictatorial about why people should adopt a part and shouldn’t adopt another

    and all thoughts are not necessarily always correct

    [comment title – self-obsession]

  9. Wow….u said so much in 55 words! Reminded me of my 2 floor building which was broken to make way for the 7 floor one. Side-effects of prosperity,i guess.

  10. homecook- well, i tried…and this time i succeeded! side -effects of an expanding city that cant cater to everyones’ needs, i think…

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