One fine evening

The lady returning from office carrying a load of fresh vegetables desperately waived to hail an auto. Today none seemed available.

The autowala smiled broadly.  This had unexpected turned out to be his lucky day. He had received a steady stream of customers since early evening.

The vegetable vendor nudged his lazy son to get him to quickly construct a make-shift canopy of tarpaulin to protect his precious goods.

The bunch of college students returning from their coaching class, threw care to the winds and splashed about in the newly formed poodles, giggle and laughing, their hair plastered to their head, and t-shirts and jeans to their bodies. 

The young girl exiting the brightly lit mall frowned at the overcast skies and muttered something to herself, sounding irate.  If she wanted to get back home on time today, her brand new maroon shoes would have to be sacrificed.

The two kids walking on the pavement, stopped on their way to the football ground to investigate a small jumpy frog. Trying to capture it, they ended up chasing it into the drain running parallel to the pavement.

The man returning from office wondered if he needed to make a stop-over to the shoe store today. His leather shoes had begun making a strange squeaking sound. A substitute was definitely needed.

The cobbler, who sat at the street intersection, suddenly found he had a larger stack of old or broken umbrellas instead of his usual heap of shoes to repair.

The salesmen at Raj Novelty Store changed the window display to accommodate multi-colour raincoats and umbrellas in all possible shapes and sizes.

The dog shook his body vigorously, sprinkling droplets of water on all those around him and then ran along the road looking for a dry, comfortable place.

The beggar boy found his haven under a large banyan tree.  He removed his drenched t-shirt, wringed it to squeeze the water out and then put it back on again.


All indications that the rains in Mumbai had officially arrived!

23 thoughts on “One fine evening

  1. you painted a fine picture. The one which soothes the heart and desperately anticipates the arrival of monsoon. Atleast I am awaiting..

  2. 5 lines in the blog and I knew you were talking of mumbai…
    Hats off to the blog that smells of the city…. and makes one miss it so much more.

    Almost felt like you were talking about the lane outside my house on marine lines.

  3. @lively- rains havent hit your city yet na? they are sooo worth the wait… 🙂

    @chakoli- these small scenes were to paint a picture of the big scene- the rains!

    @cinnmint- thanks.. thats such a nice compliment. 🙂 dont u just miss the b’bay rains? they r messy n inconvenient and all that, but they are still beautiful…

  4. Rains have started. But they are discontinous. I wish they just declared holiday during monsoons. We so can’t enjoy them, at the thought of coming to office.
    btw you are tagged!

  5. @lively- oooh.. a tag?cool! will check it out..

    @neha- all lost souls are finding their way back to my blog it seems! so glad to have u back! *huge hug*

  6. lax- thats soo sweet! your presence has been duly noted and greatly appreciated!
    is it raining in chennai even now?
    hvnt read krishashok in a while..but he’s good isnt he?

  7. oooooh! bombay rains! they r back! inspite of that horrible july day, i love it. miss it.

    i want that serandi to come back. uske excuse se we all get to come to bombay 🙂

  8. @lively- THAT bored ,eh?? find a book to read…

    @niveditha- i love the rains too.. inspite of the flooding that happens every year!!

    @neets- i see you have a fabulous, fool proof plan! just give me a fair warning before u show up at my door….so that i can go out of town then!!
    btw, serandi really is the a good reason to meet up…lets get her to make a trip back home..:)

  9. @anil- donno if mumbai has arrived… in all probability it has been swept away!lol!

    @lax- oooh that…i dint know..

    @homecooked- thanks you *grins ear to ear*

  10. Very nice! I thought you were writing another story, then realised what you were doing, enjoyed reading it, the Raj Novelty Stores all over India are great at stocking and displaying what will sell immediately:)

  11. 😀
    very beautifully put together!
    you just made my day..

    for someone who grew up in twirling in rain but now lives in a desert, this post was a breath of fresh air!

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