A manic monday and a tag

“Manic” describes this morning to a T.  It’s been pouring non-stop since last night. The company bus chose to select this very morning to abandon us.  Consequently we hopped, skipped and jumped into assorted modes of public transport to reach office well behind schedule- dripping, tired and in a foul mood. And this, my dear friends, is just the beginning of the rainy season. Can’t wait to see the rest.  I am thinking of investing in a boat. Really I am. I would need a loan for that, so if anyone is kind-hearted enough, please drop me an email and I will get in touch with you real soon. You may not realise it, but this is very important to me.(Check out the song playing on the box.net widget. I think it fits the days theme very well.:P)

I am doing the meme Lively tagged me for last week. I guess it may elevate my mood.

 I am: Generally level headed.

I think: I need to develop more patience. A lot more!

I want: To be able to travel to the

I have: The coolest parents ever!

I wish: I were wiser. I think I have figured out the world and how it functions and then out of the blue I get this shocker and I am completely at a loss.

I hate: nothing really. Hate is a pretty strong word. I dislike people who lack manners, are disrespectful of others and unable to make sensible conversation. Oh and on second thoughts I hate dusting. That’s something I really hate. Its one of those chores I always find a way to wriggle out of!

I miss: hostel days! Those were such fun times.

I fear: nothing in particular…um…may be losing close family members.

I feel: generally upbeat and happy. But occasionally irritated and annoyed as well.

I hear: Right now? The rain falling and the winds howling.

I crave: Umm…intelligent company.

I search: For the deeper meaning of life. Its Sophie’s World, I tell you, that’s making me think this way!

I regret: Not learning classical dance as a kid. I hated it then and dropped it inspite of my mothers insistence that I continue. I think I should have learnt it then- it would have enriched my life.

I love: Now this is an obvious one- family and friends.

I ache: When I walk into door handles at work, which I have been doing with frightening frequency these days.

I care: About people who are important to me.

I am not: Difficult to get along with. Or so I believe. 😛

I believe: Life is always teaching us important lessons. We only need to keep our eyes and ears open.

I dance: No, I don’t. But I wish I did.

I sing: When I am sure no one listening. But I have been told I am not as bad as I think I am.

I cry: When I am very upset or very angry. I am not the kind to cry at the drop of a hat.

I don’t always: Find it easy to shop by myself!

I fight: Hardly ever. I argue more than I fight.

I write: On my blog about my life , its inane happenings and my thoughts on this and that. .Lately I have been told I am doing quite ok at this.

I win: Most stupid arguments I get myself into. The real ones, I dont always win!

I lose: Most scrabble matches with my mother.I try,I really do, yet i lose!!Always!! Its soo unfair!!

I never:  Find it easy to say “no” to people. It gets me into unnecessary trouble but I still haven’t learnt from my past mistakes. Sigh.

I always: Double check if I have my keys, before exiting the house.

I confuse: Roads! Always!! I have the worst sense of direction in the family. I don’t know where I get it from.

I listen:  To music. To people who give good advice. To the sound of the birds chirping.

I can usually be found: At home with the family, chatting, reading, surfing the net, cooking or generally hanging around.

I am scared:  Of nothing really.

I need: To have take time off from people, to be with my self after every few days.  Too many people all the time is exhausting. Spending “me” time rejuvenates me.

I am happy about: The way my life has shaped up. 😀
I pass on the batton to Snippetsnscribbles, Shyam , Indian Homemaker and Homecooked.

18 thoughts on “A manic monday and a tag

  1. I came here ealrier posted a comment and then it got hunged… grrrrrrrrrr


    loved ur post sweety :-)))

    u cant say no… chnage ur habit..
    no fights ever?? with ur siblings also kya?

    u r not sacred thats kewl…:-))

    I m happy about… thats really beuatiful:-))

  2. Chakoli- blogger eat my comments routinely! hehe…
    i dnt have fights with siblings coz i dont have siblings!!!hehehe

  3. Ha! what s it with roads and us??!!
    Anyway I’m not able to figure out this posting pic thingie. Where is this button ‘add media’? Can’t see it in ‘write’ section.

  4. @lax-LOADS of places!! kerala, andaman, sikkim, kashmir..i can go on and on and on…

    @chakoli- 😀

  5. @shyam-then u must do it…soooooon!!

    @IH-please do…will be fun reading ur list..home birds are the coolest kind of birds!:P

  6. sorry for the grammatical mistake… corrected:-

    it could be an interesting read, this tag, but it really depends if you want to read one’s this tag

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