Its raining tags

Yes it is! Just when I finished the last one, I found this one waiting for me today morning. Lively tagged me to reveal ten secrets about myself.

Now the point is, if I have  secrets, they are secrets for a reason na!!! Anyway, I am going to be a sport now  and revealing some of my deep, dark secrets…that…within reveal-able limits. 

  • I get irritated with people more easily that I get angry with them.
  • I love my family to bits. At least the immediate one. Some other, distant relatives I can honestly do without! I don’t think they know it, but I think they are w-e-i-r-d!! 
  • I am more attached to my mother than my father. She is the real keeper of all of my deep, dark secrets, so you should actually be getting in touch with her for this tag! 
  • When in deep thought, bored or dead tired, I twist a strand of hair around my finger. This is a childhood habit that I haven’t kicked as yet and dont think I ever will.
  • I am not a foodie. Never was. Never will be. Surprisingly in spite of not being crazy about food, I am fond of cooking and do a decent job of it.
  • When in a hurry, I climb up stairs on my toes.Dont wait to place my foot fully.
  • I am level headed and practical. Sometimes a little too much. I wish I was more spontaneous. 
  • I am not particularly fond of make-up. I have cousins who love it. Who need it like they need their breakfast. I, on most occasions, am indifferent to it. I have lipsticks and eyeliners that have been preserved to the extent of fossilization.  The only make-up I occasionally wear is a dash of brown eye-pencil and nail paint.
  •  Reading, music and cooking are my de-stressors (not necessarily in that order). I think the best way to read it reclining on the bed. It may be terrible for the eyes, but it is very relaxing. Any kinda music that sounds good works for me. And cooking is a de-stressor so long as I don’t have to do it thrice a day, everyday!:P
  • Jeans and t-shirt with a pair of shoes/floater is my all time favourite attire. This is the world’s most convenient dress ever.That said, I might as well admit I am steadily making the trasition to salwar kameezes– basically because I cant turn up in jeans at work,except on Fridays.I am discovering the salwar-kameez combo is also pretty good too.

There! All done. I think I will tag some of my new blogging buddies for this particular tag- will help me know them a little better. So Roop, Pixie ,Burf and Chronic Worrier, pick up this tag and get ready tell us your secrets!:)


32 thoughts on “Its raining tags

  1. Wow, same pinch there on that jeans-tshirt love. And another one ‘coz even I get to wear jeans only once a week to work. Now I’m curious. Where didja say you work? 😕

  2. @lively- jeans rock! and i dint say where i dont worry, u r nt suffering from memory loss..:P

    @IH-im soo happy u r not a foodie!! we are a really small tribe, u see!

    @chronic worrier- lol…sure! dnt do the tag if u dnt feel like it…

    @burf- dude, its still not a public blog…

  3. madam! that aint a secret list 🙂 that sounded more like 10 things you should know abt me list…and since quite a few of those did not seem new…they def qualify out of a secret… u should write a real secret list soon! lol

  4. miss [correct me if the title is incorrect ;)] bubbly, if people don’t find new posts to read, they will probably drift towards the flickr widget


  5. @chakoli- very much around…just hadnt written anything lately..

    @burf- correct me if i am wrong, but people ALWAYS drift towards the flickr fact that the real rason why they make a stop over at the bog in the first place!:P

  6. >>>>>When in deep thought, bored or dead tired, I twist a strand of hair around my finger. This is a childhood habit that I haven’t kicked as yet and dont think I ever will.

    my roommate had this habit ..he used to do it while studying for exams …funny huh 😛 ????
    anyways nice to know ur dark secrets… 😉

  7. helllllllllllllp. I got the insert image button, but the insert image didn;t actually insert the image.
    Can you pls let me know the steps in detail.
    Well… I shamelessly agree that I’m quite technologically challenged. Though I work in the same field.

  8. well…
    thats a difficult question ..i forgot the blog where u had dropped ur comment..
    i was just blog hopping yesterday..stumbled across urs… 😉

  9. not me…u dropped comment else where..
    dont remember..i do a lot of blog hopping…came across ur comment in some blog…
    i just click randomly in other people’s blogrolls or comment area.. came across urs..

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