Deeper matters..continue

Warning: serious post ahead. the introspection phase continues. hopefully the post after this will be lighter!

Why do some people become victims of life situations while others have the capacity to mould situations to suit them?

How come some people have a tough life but never crib, taking things in their stride while others practically live on a bed of roses and yet always manage to find something thats “not right”?

Why do some people become tired of fighting the battles of life while others have a hidden reserviour of energy that they dive into persistently to do more and to do better?

Why is it that some people lack the most basic sense, go through life blindly,living in a haphazard fashion-destroying even what they began, while others think before they act- consciously and carefully building their lives brick by brick?

How come some people are never grateful for what they get in life while others express gratitude to the Divine in multiple ways repeatedly?

And most importantly, in this maze of personalities and attitudes, where do I fit in? How conscious am I about how I lead and mould my life ?

38 thoughts on “Deeper matters..continue

  1. Totally loved this post. i think if we are able to answer any one of these question in this life time we would have cracked the puzzle callled LIFE!

    Here’s my try…
    I think some have the energy to go on thinking that they have not reached the end of the situation and are merely curious to know the end. And for those usually its life’s end.. πŸ™‚ That’s what i call a life well lived.

    I think some of us are less scared than others… happier taking risks than hiding in shadows. And so the absurdities don’t seem so and make you feel its just another page in your life.

    I think you reach a point in your life when nothing seems weird…

  2. I am a new intruder on your blog. ended up through cinnmint’s blog. Pretty crisply written. my feeling is a certain section of people have been brought up that way. They wanted something and here they had parents ready to surrender to their whims and wishes . Kids who have never seen anything going against them , would always find it difficult to adjust in real world . They would crib with contorted faces while others would march ahead thanking for what ever they have. Taking a “NO” in stride isn’t meant for everyone. After all world care little about our ego and self esteem

  3. @anar- i think i like the wy you think !:) dont you think a life well lived is the only life worth living!?

    @richy- hello intruder! i agree upbrining has a LOT to do with the way we turn out , the attitudes we carry and the way we deal with life. as cliched as it sounds, some amount of hardship/opposition is needed. it builds character. and yes, the world really cudnt care less about our egos- the earler we learn that, the better!

  4. I think if you are L I V I N G your life… you are doing a good job of it! if you are happy about it.. does it even matter what the person sitting next to you thinkS! and mostly it would just make the person happy that you are smiling and he/she would smile too!

  5. Totally agree with both of you (Cinn and churning). Living life own way is all we crave for. Smiling ? well it is easier at others who aren’t too much concerned with us. You smile at them and they would throw it back at you. Difficult it is to keep happy a bunch of people whom we call “our own”. :). As experinece tells some people are good to be with ,in happier times underlined by laughters and chortles, moment you brand them “your own” trouble comes to haunt you.

  6. @anar- yeah..everyone needs to be happy about their own lives.. a big brite smile is a proof of that… happiness is infectious- the effect will rub off on others..even if it doesnt, its ok…some ppl are born grouchy and nthing makes them happy!!

    @anar- donno richy boy so cant comment!!

    @richy- since the three of us agree to each other so much, we shud start a club!! πŸ˜›

  7. hmmm yeah.. we love infectious beings… Ru ru its a big bad world.. with really small network! we need to broaden our horizons! remember!

  8. okie Da , whatevery you ppl wish(Da used strictly to irritate you people and bring earthiness of southern India :D)

  9. Good then.. raising a toast to newly formed club. I have some novel ideas in mind . to know one of them churning you can click on a blog called “mired in mysticity” on cinnmint’s blog roll.

  10. Interesting post… i’ve thot of these exact same things and realised its all in how we look at life, and our Attitude..

    some seek attention, so they get into self pity, whining, sour faced all the time..

    others(proud to say am part of this gang), smile always.. go abt life like nothing is wrong, even tho we are fighting our battles…. πŸ˜€

    hey, wats this abt club? me join??? πŸ˜‰

  11. Variety is the spice of life! (life here implies a single collective life of all living beings – homo sapiens specifically)

    There can be philosophical answers to these ques…what i am thinking is…maybe they might make sense in light of evolution…

  12. @ritchy-*clinking glasses* im coming over. pl share ur “novel ideas” with us.

    @aaarti- u are most welcome to join the group. no membership fee will be charged.:D

    @nishchal- evolution and all, eh?may be somewhere u do make sense…:P but yeah, diff ppl behave

    @manpreet- yup!!environment has a huge impact on us,cant deny that..

  13. wonderful post..
    well,i feel some part of that goes to how u are brought up and most part of it is natural/.people are naturally grow up like the way they are,..
    i feel the word “why” is something that can not be answered properly..

    PS: i noticed this time, I came to ur blog from arthi’s blog… πŸ˜›

  14. Hi… discovered your blog through the indianhomemaker’s blog… You post made me remember something I read way back…

    ‘Its better to wear out, than to rust out’

    About the questions you’ve posed…. some answers in ‘Transactional Analysis’
    ..The basic idea is that each of us, is playing some preprogrammed game, the we have selected early on in life… like for e.g. the ‘Poor me’ game, that makes you subconsciously act in a way that you come out as the victim in any situation…

    …maybe its these games, that decide how we react to situations….

    I wrote something on similar lines, you might want to go through πŸ™‚

  15. @arvind- it does seem like its a combination of nature and nurture. both seem imp in finally shaping us into the ppl we turn out to be.
    so u tracked how u found my blog this time!! not bad, i say!:)

    @s.m.a.r.t- i loved that line!! it made sooo much sense!!!!! and i m going to go and google transactional analysis…i need to know more about this.

  16. i couldn’t find abt last time..this time i came from aarthi’s blog..
    next time may be from my reader… πŸ˜› so dont bother yourself by asking everytime i drop a comment here πŸ˜‰

  17. Some thoughts there. And I guess you are thinking too much and I know that sometimes we just cant help it.
    So next post should be cheerful

  18. heh πŸ˜› I’m all for smileys and they never fail to cheer me up. But actually what I meant is a happy, peppy kinda post. It has been quite a serious thinking and all, so give the brain a break.

  19. uh rapchik… ! like that word. Was actually hoping rapchik rapping already but Sigh sigh… had to go back with a :(…..

  20. @lively- rapchik? lol..i dont really know!!

    @cinnmint-rapchik rapping sounds niiiice! donno wat it means tho!

    @richy- i went there earlier and came back confused…so now i m going back to see if i understand things better with that 1 line intro u gave..

  21. i really missed reading you, mandira. very honest. πŸ™‚ still don’t have net at home. using from a friend’s house. this post really made me think of my life situation too rite now and how i am reacting to it. thanks. πŸ™‚

    really enjoyed the gymming troubles too hehe. i ran away from instructors too in my previous gym. πŸ˜€ ‘n will do the tag when i can. promisey. πŸ˜€

  22. roop- im honoured madam,i really am!! i dint know my kinda mundane writing was missed!!thanks!!!
    i like thinking posts once in a while…they help me put my life in perspective..
    waiting for u to do the tag…

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