New discoveries and new beginnings

This weekend, I am proud to say, has been one of great discovery.

I have without real intent managed to locate a large number of new muscles in my body. Don’t ask me how. It’s a tragic story.

I made the terrible mistake of going to the gym this Saturday. I should have stuck to my usual routine of 3 -4 times(or less) in a month. But no, this time I wanted to go inspite of having made a visit only last weekend.( I am getting over ambitious nowadays. More on this new found aspect of my personality in a while.) As luck would have it some new instructor spotted me and on his own accord decided to take me under his wings. All the old ones couldn’t care less about me. Who will invest their time and energy in a gymmer who comes one weekend and then disappears for the next few? Plus I’m an extremely willfull gymmer . I choose what machines to work on and for how long myself. And none of the instuctors likes that. Anyway, so this new instructor though I dint know my elbow from the hole in the earth and wanted to teach me how I can make the most out of my “workout”. I tried giving him a cold shoulder but he wouldn’t listen.He followed me around the place fidgeting with the machine dials, making me do strange contortions in the name of floor exercises and barking instructions at timely intervals to “motivate” me. I couldn’t get rid him, so I told myself to go with the flow. May be I’d learn something after all. Donno what I learnt in terms of exercises, but I did learn this:

a) I have loads of unused muscles in my abdominal area.
b) Its best to leave these above mentioned unused abdominal muscles unused.
c) I do not need a gym instructor. I am fine the way I am. I’m using the gym as a means. f depositing money on a monthly basis to feel healthy. I don’t need to be healthy.
d) Gymming thrice a month suits by body type best. And all the health mags keep saying we must listen to our bodies. This is what my body is saying and I am listening to it. To hell with the instructors.

Judging by the way I am feeling right now- a whole day after the ordeal, I can guarantee you it’s a painful start to a long week. For all you know its goodbye to gym and senseless instructors for good.

Back to that thing about being over ambitious. My friend Lakshmi and I have started a new blog. Don’t die on me when I say that. Maintaining one blog is hard enough. God only knows how I am going to be contributing to two. But optimistic Lakshmi tells me its very doable. She convinced me over googletalk a few moons back. And because I trust her, I am going to go along this one. We are going to be using this new blog to exclusively write about our baking experiences. We’ve got the About page and the first recipe up already. So if you have the time or the inclination or both, visit us at Honest opinions and suggestions are most welcome. Btw, the fact that I now have a food blog strikes me as super-weird… A hardcore non-foodie  contributing to a food blog?? This has got to be noted as one of the greatest ironies of my life!!

I have had this Donna Lewis song stuck in my head for over two weeks. Couldn’t recall the lyrics so the “I love you always forever” and the “you’ve got the most wonderful blue eyes” were going on and on around in my head. The condition was becoming chronic so I had to stop over at youtube today to find the song and hear it out fully. MTV and V dont play old songs anymore. Or may be I dont watch enough TV anymore!

32 thoughts on “New discoveries and new beginnings

  1. Tell me about gymming. I pay my monthly dues to the gym to “feel healthy” exactly like you. Atleast you go these a few times, I have not stepped into my gym (though it is just a minute away from home) in the last 2-3 months!

    Good luck with the new venture. I am currently in the bake like crazy phase in life… so more the recipes the better!

  2. wow another blog! that too a food blog. Cool. Lemme check out.
    And yeah feeling healthy is more imp any day. Just see that it’s not false feeling!

  3. Another blog thats kewl 🙂

    So gym gym gym….
    kewl man!!!

    Even i remeber a similar case when I was in hostel and an yoga instructor came to give us a demo and he spotted many similar things as u said… 🙂

  4. @pooh!- so happy to meet someone like u!! i think gyms shud hv special discounted rates for ppl like us!
    baking is fun- i have recently discovered!

    @lively- yes..its raining food blogs!!

    @chakoli- oh no…im totalllly off gyms rt now!! for obvious reasons!:P the yoga instructor found simliar things or you did?

  5. congratulations on the new blog! its a great start.. and I think you can manage two pretty well.. there was a time when I had five:) BTW that reminds me you should check out a joint effort by Richy, me and a couple of others… I am sure contributing to a third one sounds so not the right kind of thing right now.. but am just being optimistic…

    And gymming oh i miss it!!! 🙂

  6. Good che! New blog and that too about food…kya yaar…achcha hota koi restaurant khol dete…food is something that tastes better when eaten than when read 🙂

  7. restaurant…!! oh my GOD –

    is there an opening.. i can cook, clean eat (leftovers), count*I am sure there will be loads of money to be counted right!!! ??? ) and ofcourse wait tables!

  8. I will ignore the Baking Blog Blunder…Sorry am alliterating too much, so for the want of another “B” in my life, I used “blunder”. So anyway, I thoroughly am enlightened by your newfoundmuscle story and I can safely say that all my plans of joining Gold’s have been shelved for now. Well, if I don’t listen to what you body is telling you, then God knows, WHAT MY body will start telling me for not listening to you man!

    Chalo, achcha hua tumne bacha liya mujhe!

  9. @cinnmint- wat restaurant? i shot down nishchal’s grand plan…. however, when ..rather if this plan every materialises you will be personally contacted and asked to pick any job u like at the restaurant! cool,eh?

    @henri- wat baking buddies blunder?? u dint say anything about the blunder? me confused…
    join Gold’s if u must… but take my advice(and to u i shall give it fr free, my friend) DONOT listen to the instructors.. they know NOTHING… my abdominal muscles still hurt and its been over 4 days now..ouch!

  10. hahahaha…. so, no more gym i am guessing~~ 😀
    i know, have seen those over enthu trainers who come over n work on taking over ur routine… grrr…tell em to mind their own business~~ ;D

    oh, blog…
    interesting it shall be to see u contri there… i got 3blogs, and 1 is where am active, other two once in a while… 😀

  11. Expertise? cinnmint is already ready to cook (not sure about the ‘expertise’ part 🙂 but we can give it a try). Money? Try talking to one of the customer care executives that keep calling u na…or else we will plan out something (bank robbery etc etc). And khaane ke liye main to hu hi ready 🙂

  12. i dont how far it is true but i have heared irregular gyming causes extra muscles 😛

    as u said feeling haelthy matters more sometimes then being healthy and feeling unheathy 😉
    and congratz for ur food blog…will check that out

  13. @cinnmint- done deal!!

    @aaarti- dont talk about idiotic over enthu trainers…im still suffering the ill-effects of one..u hv THREE blogs! i think for now i will stick with two… that ambitious enuf fr me!!

    @nishchal- dude!! i like the idea of roping in some tele marketer(btw, i royally took the case of the last one that called me at work)..i will hv to “interview cinnmint to see if she has any expertise at cooking/managing restuarant(sorry cinnmint, u had to be the butt of this joke) once the money’s with me and a decent cook, we’ll kick start the restaurant..wat say?

    @arvind-right now i HATE gyms..dont care a damn if they make or break muscles..(in my case, pl note, it was the case of BREAKING,not making)..come by our food blog.. its new so doesnt have too much but we believe in quality and not quantity!:P

  14. Hilarious, I couldnt stop laughing. One hell of a wonderful post. Write more about this experience. And all my own gymming experiences came back back to my mind with the instructor dude trying to tell me I was way too fat and old to do some exercises. I simply conveyed it to him in my typically Punjabi style to get lost and mind his own business.
    And surely will check your other blog too.

  15. @cinnmint- i like your confidence in me!at least someone has a little!! lol!! i checked out your joint effort..even left u guys a comment… can i take on the role of “frequent commentor” instead of “contributor”?? my hands are really full rt now..a third blog honestly, doesnt seem practically possible….

  16. hahhahahha! That was a real fun post !! So gym going is cancelled kya? :-))
    I still have to do your tag, hun 😦 Pardon the delay!

  17. @arvind- may be our food blog will get u intersted in baking… u can learn to make tea after u learn to bake!! quite the reverse learning curve,eh?

    @nishchal- dude! where the money (or the expertise) for a restuarant!!!??let not be soooo ambitious,k?:P we’ll do the interview after we arrange for the finance,k?

    @snippetsnscribbles- gyming is shelved…FOREVER!!!do the tag in your own issues there..

    @IH- yup, the gym is a pain… so!!! so if i like cooking, its totally ok that i have a food blog na?even if i dont love food?

  18. @manpreet- hehhe…happy to see my efforts at trying to be humous we not in vain… these instructors are a weird lot, i tell u… im telling all of them at the gym to get out of my life from now on..assuming that i am going to go back to gym ..ever…:P

    @cinnmint- me agrees…wat is life without a bit of fun and games?

  19. no new post 😦

    no new games 😦

    the whole day went passed by

    And then I to give writing a try 🙂

    Now that a sin dear churning…

    why is your pen not burning??

  20. @cinnmint-games and post will happen…but before that something needs to happen in my life !! lol…
    the pen is nt burning but i will try to make the keys on the keyboard burn!:P
    i liked ur rhyming comment!cute!

  21. mandypaji….. u realise i have to share with the girls that ur listening to songs like “ill love you always forever” 😀 and u realise what vendy is going to do …………….

    am excited about ur food blog….. maybe ill contribute my desert ideas …..maybe…..

  22. Neets- go ahead tell them!! i like that song!! i really do!! no crime there….course u guys will exploit this discovery to the fullest and tk my case on it..but wat the hell?go ahead..:P

    err..dudette, u are always in “may be” land….move over i “will do land” i say!!

  23. Read your post and it reminded some fun was missing from my life :P. So joined gym . well whether regularity tires me or laxity inpires me to write a silmilar post would be known soon :D. Thanks for a post on Gym reminder…..

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