A general update

My last comment on the previous post mentions “something needs to happen in my life to blog it.” Amazingly right after I wrote that I realised I have enough matter to make up a small post- nothing philosophical or serious or of great consequence, but a general update on life.

 Since the last 3 days,I have caught stomach flu but being the diligent worker that I am, I haven’t bunked office even for a day.(pat on the back? please?)   I am praying the management notices this hyper-diligence. May if they do, they’ll find it in them to give me big raise at the end of the year!:P that’s not going to happen but a girl can dream, cant she? Wishful thinking aside, the real reason I have been in office because I have deadlines to meet before I go outta town for the whole of next week.  Before you pounce on me yelling “lucky you!!” I would like to inform you, this trip is not for pleasure. It’s for work. I am going to be parking myself in rural India for a week. No internet, no TV, no radio. Just miles and miles of lush green farms, tall hills, warm people and no pollution!! Does it get any better than this? When I am going to be back, I am going to be one rejuvenated, happy soul! 🙂 I am so looking forward to this. I don’t know how people do desk jobs all through their lives.  Don’t they get bored of the same desk, the same chair, the same compute and the same people? Travelling is so much fun – at least for me. That’s one reason I like this job. I can balance “office” time with “on-field” time.

 I have been writing time and again I need to develop patience. Looks like God decided to help me in my endeavour. I am getting projects that are forcing me to develop this personality trait. I’m trying to get the company’s official website re-done. And I have been trying for only 5 months now. These design agencies are really s-l-o-w. I am told creative work cant not be set to fixed time limits. Sure I understand that but this is life. The creative work is actually a project that needs to be completed within a time frame. I wish they’d understand that.  I am also trying to teach my mom some of the jazzier uses of the comp. She’s a good learner but I am an impatient teacher. That’s partly because I assume she’s smart at everything else, so she should automatically be smart at comps too! But I am honestly trying hard to explain things properly, slowly with adequate repetition. I guess if I do my part well, my mom will be a pro (or as much of a pro she can become with my coaching!!) with in a month or two.

I  have, as of yesterday, developed a mortal fear. I am worried sick that the IT department will discover people blog in office and will block all blog sites, just like the way they blocked all email/chat sites. And when if they discover that, it’ll be the end of an important part of my life.  I think I should include “Please allow free, uninterrupted access to WordPress at office” in my daily prayers. I hope God listens.

I got an unexpected gift yesterday. A colleague went on a vacation to Australia. She and I are not thick friends- but we are getting there. I was very pleasantly surprised to know she thought of me in that far off land and brought back nicknacks for me. Unexpected gifts make me happy!!

 I finished The Kite Runner on the bus ride back home yesterday. It’s a serious story but then its set in Afghanistan, so you cant expect it be light-hearted. But Its truly worth a read. The writer has done a fabulous job with words. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do. I am not sure I want to read a thousand spelndid suns though. I hear its set in Afghanistan as well. Donot think I could do another such book right now. If you have read it, tell me if its good. Then may be I will pick up a copy.

So that’s about it from me. Wassup with you?

PS: Please refer to para 2. I am going to be off the blogosphere till next Monday. Try not missing me too much! 😛

22 thoughts on “A general update

  1. I think the last line on your blog needs to be posted on every blog you read!!! LOL! – but its a nice way to get people to writing another update blog..

    how can you ever be away from the blogosphere?????? – i mean in the world of datacards and wi-max.. you seriously think you can get away with that!

    And thanks for the update! and Guess what WordPress is not blocked in most offices!!

    books and buses – i m sure they are friends somewhere in the land of machines. They always go so well togather 🙂

  2. you lucky lucky girl. Going on a trip to village and all that. I love travelling and would love a break right now. But you enjoy girl and get back with loads of pics and fresh details about the trip.
    And yes it’s ridiculous sitting at the same desk everyday like forever… We need a break! I hope my employers are listening.
    I seriously hope WP doesn’t get blocked at office.
    And good that you updated, see the captions of our new posts resemble! they must be kumbh ke mele me bichde hue bhai! 😉
    I honestly didn’t like Kite runner so much. It is so much filmy. Haven’t read thousand splendid suns.
    Try getting Fight Club. It’s awesome!
    Happy trip and have fun.
    But we will miss the posts 🙂

  3. @cinnmint- me confused!! do u mean last post when u say last blog??
    it this supremely connected world, its quite ok to not have connection for a while.. its difficult for some but i kinda like its once in a while…gives me a break to spend time with myself, read, watch tv, think…

    WP isnt blocked now…n i hope it NEVER will be!!

    @lively-dont be jealous:P i havent got to travel ina long while…may be 8 months or so…
    who wrote fight club?? i will take pics( on my mob.) and put up the nicer ones when i come back n do a marathon post on my trip.
    who wrote fight club? havent heard of that book..

  4. Have no fear, the IT guys KNOW, but they’re not squeal unless you’re leaking company info or something. This is the bubble I live in at least.

    group hug for coward employees! 🙂

  5. nimpipi- you give me hope girl… im one of those ppl who cant figure whether i hate or love the IT guys.. they make life easier in so many ways…but they make it diffcult too!!!
    thanks fr the group hug… we really needed it!!:D

  6. duh! i meant .. this line “so wassup with you?” – the line in your blog… you should go and post it on some other blogs and then all of us shud sort of write an update.

    It’s a nice way to get to know people you know “only thru blogs”

    dont be confused if all this sounds really confusing.. i m sort of shuffling between too many gadgets.. machines and tasks .. and might just sounds totallly spaced out myself..

  7. Author of the book is Chuck Palahniuk. Check it out in wikipedia and buy if you like. I read the e-copy. Can mail you if you want. Then you can spend an eternity taking printouts 😉 hehe

  8. @cinnmint- the right word is “post” not blog!! thats wat got me confused…anyway..are u gonna do an update or do i need to drop by and request one? 😛

    @lively- thanks…buying the book sounds btr that taking hazar print outs!!

    @homecooked-welcome back!! was wondering where u had vanished…tk your time over reading posts..im going to b out of circuit fr a while nw..:D

  9. hey Mandira:) that was a very sweet post 🙂 Have a great time and bring back loadsa pics and memories to share it with us 🙂 And tell us how it felt to be away from technology!

  10. Enjoy the trip Mandira, as best as you can. And ditto for teaching my mother the computer things too. I was impatient for one or two times simply because I thought she could handle everything so well, why then does she forget the things I told her the previous day. Thankfully, she learnt enough to email me regularly from Canada where she is now. Plus she goes to all you guys’ blogs, whatever links I send her. And enjoys the trips.

  11. WOW! A trip to a village sounds like a dream! I hope they don’t block WP in your office:(
    I liked Splendid Suns much better than The Kite Runner. It’s about women..what’s wrong with purdah, why is war so bad, about mothers, religion, sharia, Taliban, women bonding, domestic violence, happy childhood, family life..lives…my recommendation READ IT. And tell us what you think.

  12. so you did read the kite runnerin the end! well dont do thousand splendid suns straight away but if you liked kite runner i dont know how much you’d enjoy thousand splendid suns….i enjoyed the first one dont know if it’ll be the same for y.

  13. @IH-ok sir! if u say a thousand splendid suns is good , then it IS good…will get my hands on it soon.

    @N- u should have told me earlier- wud hv booked ur tkt too.. btw, the “remind-me-why-im-doin-this-job?” phase will come and go…n come…n go..n come…

    @sera-hmm… im thinking i will read it…

    @roop-worry not… i am going to b back so soon, no one will even notice i went away!:P

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