For the sake of company

This post is being written with the primary aim of keeping my friend Lakshmi company. In the last post on the yumblog, Lakshmi has outdone herself. The content, pictures, style of writing etc is par excellence. Not wanting her to be lonely in her excellence, I promised to write a similar post.(If you still haven’t got the drift, I suggest you go visit the blog and while you are at it, be nice and drop her a line :P) 

In her post Laksmi left us with a profound question- how did your weekend go? Since this post is aimed mainly at keeping the other post company, I will try my best to keep it short while at the same time match up to the high standards set by my dear friend. I do not have any pictures to add to this post, so please excuse me for that. 

This weekend was about some of the things I like the least- washing clothes (when I say washing I mean throwing the clothes in the washing machine and dumping two spoons of detergent on them the task sounds easy enough but the ease of the task doesn’t make me like it anymore), folding clothes (this is worse that washing), dusting (I don’t even wish to discuss this). In one word- cleaning. That was the low point.  In fact, that was the beginning of a succession of low points. Saturday got “used” in these activities. Sunday was supposed to be a fun day. We decided to go out to lunch. Even since the monsoons arrived we have been avoiding eating out. We are the over-cautious kind. But since the monsoons have royally ditched us this year, not a drop of rain since weeks, we thought I should risk eating out. That was one reason. The other was that we ran out of groceries. We had been pushing grocery shopping to the weekend and were left with half a tomato, 4 green chillies and 1 large potato. As creative as we are in the kitchen we couldn’t think of cooking anything with those three ingredients. Shopping for groceries thus made to our “urgent” list.  The plan was to hit one of the many malls in the city and dove tail grocery shopping and eating out. And if we had the time, we’d catch one of the new movies as well.

We began with eating first. A new restaurant called Sauté Worldwide had been inaugurated recently. The rave reviews the local newspaper carried urged us to try this place out. The restaurant was spacious; it’s décor beautiful and the seating arrangements comfortable. We found ourselves a cosy table and waited 10 whole minutes before the waiter come over to take our order. We asked for minestrone soup and a veggie sizzler and with great anticipation waited for the food to arrive. And then we waited some more. And then some more. After 20 minutes I beckoned some random waiter(the one ascertained to our table had vanished) and asked him to hurry it up a bit. Some 7 minutes later the soup arrived. And it was pink in colour. A darkish pink- something between a pink and a red. Of all the minestrone I have had in my life, I have never ever had any that was pink in colour. With trepidation I tried a spoonful- the taste wasn’t that bad but the colour was disturbing. Next came the sizzler. The restaurant made us wait about 12 minutes before serving us the main course. I believe they wanted us to digest some of the soup so we could make space for the sizzler. But I couldn’t find fault with the dish (not for the lack of trying) and so I gobbled it up gratefully. It was past 2.30 and I was ravenous.The whole meal took us one hour and 10 minutes only. It was a test of my patience, which at some level I believe is good. After all I am the one who keeps saying I need to develop patience. So let’s just say that the lunch was as leisurely as it could possibly get- prefect for a Sunday.

Post -lunch shopping wasn’t fun either. It was too crowded and the line at the billing counter was serpentine. And they gave us another 2 kgs of free sugar. Shopping trips to Food Bzaar have helped us acquire some 10 kgs of “free” sugar over the last few months. A family as small as mine cannot consume so much sugar, so I am just going to have to get into retailing sugar myself.Btw, the movie never happened- when lunch and shopping eat into all our time.

The only genuine high point of the weekend was the marbled cake I baked. The details of the same will be available soon you know where.

 At 700 words, I haven’t managed to keep my promise of keeping my post short, but whatever!

17 thoughts on “For the sake of company

  1. It wasn’t completely uneventful though. You tried the new restaurant and shopped and cleaned. So you had a leisurely weekend. But you dont sound like you enjoyed much.

  2. Wow…all of you go together for grocery shopping? In Bombay the only place we went together for groceries is the one place in Inorbit. I forget the name of the place. Otherwise all the mundane shopping would be done by either my dad or mom. Cant wait to see the marbled cake you bake 🙂

  3. @niveditha- inane weekends happen too often to me!!

    @lively- yeah.. it wasnt uneventful but it wasnt great fun either..

    @HC- we are a family that sticks together! hehe…dont always go shopping together but whenever we can, we try.. will post marbeled cake next month( i think thats the schedule,will ck with lakshmi)

    @chakoli- a foodie, i am not! lol…quite an irony,eh?i cook but dont like to eat!:P

  4. The lesson is never go to a new place for lunch when you are tired and hungry! I hate shopping on weekends especially in malls. We visited an exclusive outlet, there was more space than people! Better luck next weekend! 🙂 Your baking buddies blog is great dear!

  5. lol i have read that line again again and laughed my guts out – “In the last post on the yumblog, Lakshmi has outdone herself. The content, pictures, style of writing etc is par excellence”

  6. @lax- im a foodie who like to cook but not eat…basically that makes me a non foodie!:P
    it was hard not to bring the walls down…i dint want to create a scene.. mom was seriosuly contemplating creating one!:P

    @latha aunty-yes, lesson well learnt!i need to find an exclusive outlet here too!

    @lax- am glad u can see the “subtle”humour there!:P

    @livley- the name of the blog has the word “churning” but its kinda hard to keep doing that at such great frequency!hehehe

  7. U cook but dont like to eat??

    why so?/

    do u make such horrible things?? 😛

    or u get exhausted and dont feel like eating 😀 (Thia happens with me … 🙂 )

  8. hehe..i guess a few of the weekends do pass away like this ..not all weekends are about partying …

    yeah i hate those long waiting lines at any place…

    and marble cake ?? details are awaited ..l

  9. @lively- this one time, i dared…but very politely!!!

    @chakoli- no i dont make stuff thats inedible! in fact my culinary skill are pretty decent… but i am not crazy about eating..never have been…

    @nefariousoutlook- hi! curious to know how u found me..wait for the marbled cake, it will make an appearance soon!

  10. Wow, it was hilarious. I loved the description of the soup.
    You started off with ‘we’ going out to eat but ended up with ‘I’, how come???
    And the sugar retailing, simply was great, I couldnt stop laughing.

  11. manpreet- thanks!:D the soup was really something…shud hv taken a pic with the cellphone…the “we”became “i” because i am an incosistent writer! i dnt check before i publish stuff!
    btw, u want some sugar?will gv u a discounted rate..

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