A festival, a kid and a newspaper article

(This is a delayed post. It was to make an appearance on Sunday. It’s a whole 4 days late. I have no excuse for the delay only that time has been in short supply these days. Annnywaaaay, here goes..)

25 confused adults
2 happy and alternately cranky infants
3 bustling servants (or for the sake of politically correctness house helps. Or is it house helpers??)
1 over enthusiastic dog
1 unexpected power cut

Throw in all those in a mid-sized house in Mumbai and you have yourself the perfect recipe for chaos.

Chaos is the most appropriate description for Rakhi this year. My aunt felt it would be a great idea to call everyone over to her place for the festival. That way we could all meet (whether or not we really knew each other, was a different matter all together), intra city travel could be cut down drastically and we’d get some fabulous quality time with extended family. What she dint realise in her enthusiasm was that when you put so many people together in a smallish space they  are liable to create chaos of mammoth proportions.

Now there are two ways to look at chaos. You can either look at chaos as a bad thing or as a fun thing. Chaos is certainly not fun in all situations but you have to admit that in some it is extremely entertaining ( To be more specific these are situations on which you future life or job don’t depend:P).I think in this particular case I would rather look at the funny/entertaining side of chaos.

Of the 25 people in attendance I wasn’t particularly familiar or comfortable with about half.  In an attempt to get acquainted with the people I either dint know or had met aeons back and had conveniently forgotten about, we indulged in a bit of polite small talk. Where do you work? What do you do? You work in the developmental field; does that mean you work for free? When will you get married? I did my best to answer the questions patiently. But honestly a bombardment of questions coming from unfamiliar people doesn’t do too much in terms of bonding. And lets be fair you cant bond with the mother in law of a cousin who you last met..Umm…let’s see… 3.5 yrs back. Its just not possible. Amazingly I have answered these questions so many times by now that I can respond to them in my sleep. This also means that I have gone beyond getting annoyed with these QnA sessions.

Tying Rakhis was in itself a challenging process-too many people trying to tie rakhis to too many people and trying to do all the tying all together! I think the large spread that was awaiting us at the end of the rakhi tying was the real motivator behind the hurried rakhi tying. I messed up the order of the rakhi tying once again. I never seem to be able to remember which comes first the tikka or the rakhi. I realise I sound very stupid when I say I can’t remember the order of things, but in my defence I must state that the festival comes only once in a year and it seems that in some matters I have a slow learning curve.

The lunch prepared consisted of only about 10 dishes. Any hopes of keeping up the “eat light, eat healthy” regime went out of the window with one look at the spread. Even if you ate minimal quantities of the food served, you’d eat much more than your regular meal. But what’s a festival without a bit of indulgence (or is it over indulgence?:P) ? So indulge we did. Lunch was followed by three types of sweet dishes.  My aunt has a tendency to go slightly over board with the whole “atithi satkar“. If anyone of you ever wants to wreck your diet plans (or just indulge for a day or two to take a break from that strict regime), please lemme know. I will set up one lunch/dinner appointment with my dearest aunt and you would have met your goal in a matter of minutes. 😛 😛 😛

The high point of the festival was not meeting with the extended family. It wasn’t the food. And it wasn’t the gifts received. It was this little angel.

 <picture deleted after much thought>

At 11 months of age, my neice is cute beyond words. She is yet to master linguistic skills but uses her facial expression and hand gestures to get her point across beautifully. She’s generally a happy , non-fussy kid. Loves dogs ut gets scared spitless when they bark. (My aunts dog barks endlessly when guests come over. I think its his way of showing his happiness. But his expression of happiness was a source of constant torture for the poor kiddo!).A joy to watch.

( Is it a good idea to put up pics of kids on blogs?? I am not too sure….do you think I shud remove it??)

Thats it on the family front. In other news I found this article in the HT a few days back. It confirmed what I have beleived all my life and it puts to rest all the hundreds of arguments and jokes (remember that email that was doing the rounds once? the one that had pictures of women drivers ramming into trucks, falling off cliffs etc etc?apparently that was funny.) about women drivers being terrible behind the wheel. The articles makes for an intersting read, so click on the link and read up.

19 thoughts on “A festival, a kid and a newspaper article

  1. ha! here comes the saving post, when I almost decided that you disappeared into some other world or something.
    You need to be reminded of woes in life too. What s the fun if you are always peaceful? You should have something to disturb your peace of mind once in a while. And I guess that is the prime reason we have relatives 😛
    And no worries, it is the feeling of rakshabandhan that is imp not the order of the process of tying rakhi. I haven’t tied one all my life and I dont feel bad about it. Am i supposed to?
    You neice is a cutie pie. A quick kissie to her. Muaah. And I dont think putting up pics is any danger. Though I dont think Im the right person to say that.

  2. Wow,
    Loved the way you described the festival. Left me laughing. I am always confused about it. I had no brother to tie a rakhi, and I often forget to ask my daughter to tie rakhi on my son’s wrist.
    Phunny Mother.

  3. AWWW! Your niece is too cute! Let her pic stay on. We don’t celebrate Raksha Bandhan, hence no money, no gifts 😦
    Lucky you eh!

  4. You should remove the picture. Never too safe in a public domain. I wouldn’t put any kiddy pictures on me blog.

    As usual, loved reading. I think more than the content itself, I thoroughly enjoy your writing style. I mean, the content is fab too! Without content, there would be no writing … but it’s the way you express that content is what keeps me hooked! Love it. 🙂

  5. Ha! finally!
    So rakhi was a whole lot of fun, huh 🙂
    And that niece of yours is such a cuddly baby…ayyyuuuu :))

  6. @lively- oooh yeah..relatives are fun..in their own strange way..lol..hadnt disappeared..just ran short of time! n no, nt celebrating rakhi is not a crime!

    @manpreet aka Phunny Mother- glad i got a few laughs out of u:D rakhi really isnt that big a festival so its ok if u forget to get ur kids to celebrate it!

    @niveditha- thankee thankee…shud we initiate rakhi is the south? its a really good source of additional income 😉

    @nishchal- thank u sir. glad u cud see humour in that post..high time u wrote a new post, btw

    @roopie- so are u telling me i ‘ve got style AND content?? wow!! thats a really nice compliment.. im seriously thinking about removing that pic…

    @SnS-i know!! she reminds us of Bal Gopal in Tanjore painings!

  7. i think the kids are the saving grace in most family events. atleast for me. i bundle them up in a corner with me and ignore all the grown ups and their questions 🙂
    works well – the kids are out of their way and they are out of mine!!!!

    cute kid. let the pic stay….for a while.

  8. Hey….cute kid! Looks like you enjoyed the festival a lot :)I think all relatives are the same…nosy and pushy 😉

  9. @N- i sooooo agree to you on this…kids are the best way to stay away from strange relatives…

    @HC- u think so too na?? they are allll like that only…

    @All- im letting the pic stay for a day or two…so u all can see it n then i will remove it…

  10. why do I get this feeling that we have got so busy with our material lives that the actually shy away from a crowd…even if its family…?

    I mean…is it just me or is it really true?

  11. if you’re married you’ll be asked “where’s the bahbeeeeeee?” – “oh my, you get back home only by 8 30? you guys don’t spend enough time with each other”

    people are never likely to understand that there can be deviations from the norm and yet be normal

  12. and talking of the men vs women drivers debate – i can’t even count the number of men i’ve come across who take four left turns, form a square and yet claim vehemently that they’re moving ahead and not in circles.

  13. @aaart- ditto ditto!!

    @UTP- we dont shy away from family..we only shy away from over inquisitive, poke their nose in our business family! other than that we looorve our family!

    @lax-lol!!i think we are entitled to decide our own “normal”

    @lax- ooooooh yeah…seen a bunch of those too..damn irritating

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