15 thoughts on “What is the point

  1. hahahaha…

    cos then you know you made the list and then you can end up buying whatever you wanna buy..

    or a good excuse to make another visit to the store!!;)

  2. @aaarti- for me it becomes an excuse to shop for things that already exist at home!!

    @roopie- weeeeeeell, we all arent that tech savvy, madam! 😛 some of us still make lists on paper.

    @pooh- u make me feel better!!:D

    @MayG-oh yeah..me too me too… glad to see u n i are in the same boat!

  3. Hahahaha .. thats y you should write ur list down on ur forehead .. then u wont be able to leave it home ..
    all u gotta do is see urself in the mirror.

  4. It still helps, as the act of writing in itself helps the memory! Of course, going without a list means lots of browsing in the supermarket aisles, and so a lot of unnecessary purchases:)

  5. happens all the time…but amazingly every time i make a list and forget it at home…i always remember what i need to buy…
    on the other hand, if i don’t make a list and try to remember…i always forget 😦

  6. @manpreet- 🙂

    @corpsegrinder aka saion-dude we do food on the other blog…come over and visit us there..

    @johnny-cheapo- u r supposed to give good ideas!! not crazy ones!

    @dipali- i see u hv a point there…writing must be aiding the memory in some way..

    @nidhi-ref to dipali’s comment..i think u guys are kinda saying the same thing…writing really does help in remembering it seems.

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