The battle

The battle lines were drawn. The opponents sat across from each other- grim faced and sombre eyed. Their brains were in an over drive. This was a battle of a different kind battle- a battle in which brains not brawn decided the winner.

The champion who had emerged victorious from an umpteen number of previous battles was certain that this time too winning would be a cakewalk.

But they say life is full of surprises and our champion was blissfully unaware that she was in for a mega surprise. Half an hour into the battle and the winner was for all to see. Today was the day of the underdog. The sweet victory that deluded the underdog was finally her’s.Today was a day that would go down in history.

This is a melodramatic description of a “battle” I won against my mother. I dont remember the last time I won against her -she’s that good. So I thought it made a lot of sense record this great event on my blog. I dont know when such an event will reuccur!!:P In case you are still wondering what the battle was, here’s a hint for you–

17 thoughts on “The battle

  1. Congrats! that sure is worth celebrating! I know how it feels to win against the permanent champion…I have one at home (R) who always wins those chess tournaments!

  2. lol !!!

    but u know like parents always say, “no one else but parents can see their child do better than them!!” πŸ˜›

    she must be very proud that her daughter has finally defeated her hehe.

  3. @manpreet-the underdog says thank you….but why do u cheer fr the champ??dnt u see a new champ is in the house?:P

    @pooh- its so unfair that the same ppl keep winning again n again…sigh

    @SnS- thankee!

    @aaarti-welcoeme to the club of scrabble lovers

    @MayG-thanks….u wanna join the scrabble lovers’ club too?

    @Roop- my mom read ur comment and said this girl got me feelings right!” πŸ™‚

    @lively- thanks!

  4. @CW- i dint know that site existed! lemme go check it out and then we can hv an online match! πŸ™‚

    @pixie- thanks!mine too!

    @roop rai- msg duly passed on to Aunty…watch this space to see what her final decision on adopting u will be πŸ˜‰

    @nidhi- i suggest hubby and u try playing the game this weekend.

    @roop- me coming over to see wat it is!!

    @lax-deluded we are…no doubts there…the busty sign depicts wat i actually am these days…

    @HC- try,try till u succeed…and when u do mk sure u make a post out of it!


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