On a day like today

the only way to express myself is this:



There, I feel better now.

Why am I in such an “arrrgh” mood today?

  • Work has been driving me up the wall. Considering my height I think I am about to hit the roof real soon.
  • We have a new member in our team whose whole and sole purpose in life is to surreptitiously read what other people are doing on their comps. If she gets noticed while doing the above mentioned activity, she doesn’t care. Nothing deters her from her favourite activity. Dirty looks, raised eyebrows, minimising windows- nothing works. If only she would do her work with such one-pointed concentration… I think that in the two weeks that she has been with us, she has joined to ranks of this other colleague whose sole purpose of coming to work is to listen in when people talk of the phone and invite herself into conversations she is not invited to. I think we need to give these two a few projects together, it is guaranteed to produce no results but it will be such fun to watch.
  •  I have been trying and trying to add a box.net widget to my blog, it just doesn’t work. Box.net has gone and revamped itself. Its all sleek looking and all that now. And that’s really nice. The only problem is that this new sleek look doesn’t work! I have been at it for two weeks. If that’s not persistence, what is? In other news reagrding my over enthusiasm to interact with technology and to make it work I have gone and opened an account with Feedburner. That’s about the end of my story with Feedburner. There is an account there  and an account with wordpres. Neither seems keenn on integrating with the other.  I have spent 35 minutes of prime time at work trying Feedburner again today and now I think I am ready to throw in the towel.
  • The office has acquired a brand new shiny coffee machine. None of us know why. The last one was just fine. They keep saying the markets are down and business is slow. I think they all lie. If business is slow, why are we wasting money of coffee machines we don’t need? Anyway, the only reason the new coffee machine has made it to my list of reasons for arrrgh, is because it makes the worst coffee known to mankind. The tea is no better. In fact the tea almost tastes like the coffee and since the coffee tastes bad, the tea is as bad (or worse). I have got into the routine of making a cup of coffee/tea, taking a sip or two, pulling a face, draining the cup in the sink and then making another one in the vain hope that the next one would miraculously be better.  So not only do I not get any coffee/tea I am also burdened with the guilt of wasting 2 cups in the morning and 2 in the evening.

On the non arrrgh side, I have an annual vacation due and I am gonna be taking it next week.  😀  Pondicherry is where I will be. Neets, Anar , you aren’t the only ones who can visit! 😛

15 thoughts on “On a day like today

  1. Hmmm… even I cant stand the snoopy ones. The best way is to embarrass such a person with a subtle remark in public.. that got to do the deal!! 🙂

    Anyways hope ur Aarrgh points drop down soon 🙂

  2. LOL!!! we sure ar’nt the people who visit Pondy babe!
    U shud have tried and made ur trip in November ya… that wud have been great..

    At the moment I am glad to be a city, where I can catch up on my sleep, reading and am not connected by phone!!

  3. WOW – those are indeed some AARGH moments! Specially the nosy colleagues bit!

    But chuck all of it and go enjoy your vacation, I say! Pondi is a coooool place to hang out, I’ve heard 🙂

  4. Sorry about Snoopy babe, box.net, and the coffee machine bit.
    But you are one hell of a strong person and the Pondicherry trip should do you wonders.
    Dont forget the pictures. And ek write-up se kaam nahi chalega. We want detailed reports on your vacation, the fun bits.

  5. Oo! Can totally relate to the snoopy types… one of the leads in my previous team was like that as well…
    Pondicherry sounds like fun! 🙂
    And I sympathise completely about the Coffee machine… a good cup of coffee is mandatory!

  6. All types of people will be there at office, you just need to notice. my condolences to you that you need to put up with such people on a daily basis. I do too 🙂
    And hey Pondicherry sounds exciting. Everybody’s planning holiday except me!! 😦

  7. LOL 🙂 Wow your aargh moment was really funny! I hope the computer watcher doesnt become your manager 🙂 And the coffee machines really suck! We had one at our old office too and I think the better looking the machines are, the worse coffee they churn out! Well anyway the Pondicherry trip must be your silver lining….WHo are you going to visit or is it just a leisure trip.

  8. yikes!!!

    slap that chick…its not just bad manners, its downright rude!!

    And I am completely with u on the coffee machines…..the one we have at work serves horrible coffee too!

  9. @nova- rt now public humiliation sounds good to me!

    @cinnmint- i know ya…but i just had to make that statement. 😛

    @SnS- yeah…thats the plan..chuck boring ppl and hv a ball at pondi. 🙂

    @manpreet- thank u for the kind words.. will def.ly share pics. 🙂

    @nidhi- u turn me into an optimist woman..thoi doubt things will change…

    @pixie- i know!! how can anyone live without good coffee??

    @lively- thanks for the sympathie, pal

    @HC- i agree!! the last machine looked yucky but the coffee was good…this ones good looking but the coffee is yuck!

    @chandni-slap? the idea sounds good but i dont think i hv the guts to do it…can i outsource that task to u?

    @anil- all pain, no joy!

    @IH-im sure bloggers accepts box.net… there are loads of widgets it allows while WP doesnt..try it out..

  10. 🙂 hope u have a blast!
    there are times when i miss that place. like, literally..physically feel the absence. difficult to explain but true.
    the walks on beach road, the sitting still at ajantha, uff!

  11. Aha, Pondicherry. I’ve been wanting to visit it for a long time now.

    I’ll be curious about reading what you’ve got to say of the place. And the pictures too.

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