Its holiday time folks! I am disappearing from the commercial capital of the country for a week and parking myself at peaceful Pondicherry.  I will be back with stories and pictures soon.

 While I am away you could listen to this song by Rabbi. I love everything about it- the lyrics, the music, the way Rabbi speaks Punajbi. Box.net stubbornly refuses to work and I have taken and deposited my loyalties at youtube’s doorstep.

12 thoughts on “Holi-holi-day

  1. Wow,
    I had listened to this song umpteen times, but never seen its video. You surprise me. Do you have a Punjabi connection from some past birth? Hehehe, the way you landed at my punjabi blog achanak and now this, in which you say you like Rabbi’s punjabi. Thanks Mandy.
    I adore Jimmy Shergill. I have seen almost all his movies. He is so cute and innocent in his looks. So, your posting this video was more than a three-fold bonus to me.

  2. Wow.. Pondicherry! I got to know about pondicherry through a book titled ‘Life of Pi’… an amazing read, which a stranger in a book fair recommended me to buy.

    Have a great journey.

  3. I love this song! Rabbi is amazing singer. I love sufi music. And Love his style of music. Rabbi Kylash Kher ! Nice blogs…:)

  4. @manpreet- the punjabi connection exist, i assure u!

    @IHM&UTP- lets manke a “we love rabbi” club…wat say?

    @pixie, homecooked, hina &aaarti- thanks!

    @kiran-now u know!:)

    @jagdeep-i love it too! sufi music is soothing…thanks for stopping by my blog.

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