I was really sure I wasn’t going to do this post. I knew everyone would do a post on Diwali so I thought I’d give it a skip. But I have caught the Diwali fever and feel compelled to do a small post on it.

We aren’t the type who enjoy over the top celebrations in general. So all festivals including Diwali tend to be low key events. A small family pooja, lots of diyas, a tiny rangoli at the enterance (how I wish Mumabi would offer us more space!!!) heaps of good food, close friends and family mark Diwali for us. No one is fond of crackers so we give those a skip each year- we have been doing this for so many years that I don’t remember the last time we bought crackers! Though I like to avoid crackers all together, I am kinda ok with crackers that  sparkle- they don’t make much noise and are pretty to look at. Its the atom bombs that the shopkeepers sell off as patakas these days that I can’t stand! Of course all the kids in my building luurve the loud, earth shattering bombs. I think they feel Diwali is incomplete unless they make at least a few hairline cracks in the building.   

Diwali is the only festival that makes me miss Delhi. In Mumbai Diwali is  kinda your own festival- you do up your house, dress up and spend the better part of your evening bursting crackers and gorging with your immediate family. Diwali in Delhi was more personal. People came over to visit and brought along small gifts. You got to chit chat with family friends over tea served with mithai and dry fruits. The festival gave you the time and opportunity to re-connect with people. That sort of thing is entirely missing in Mumbai. I have been living in this city for years now. High time I learnt to like Diwali Mumbai style!

Here’s wishing all of you a great Diwali and a prosperous and happy new year!


Note:banner credit- flickr

7 thoughts on “Diwali!!

  1. wow,
    even we are not the overtly cracker-bursting types and for the past two years there have been absolutely no crackers-not even the kids want to burst it. Rasan might even do a post about it.
    Loved your post. The header is lovely.

  2. Happy Diwali to you too 🙂

    The header is lovely…very beautiful 🙂 and what is Ticker Factory? 🙂 I like the name though 🙂

  3. Hey Mandira….Wish you and your family a Very happy Diwali 🙂 Maybe you should start Delhi type Diwali in Mumbai…then you wont feel so homesick. Surely you have some family and friends in Bombay.

  4. Exactly. The festivals like Diwali and Holi that we actually used to wait for months are turning dull every year. I kinda blame it to the so called ‘environment conscious people’. I am pointing to the parents and teachers and other ‘elder’ and ‘sane’ people. They would keep telling children – don’t use wet colors, don’t fire crackers…. WTH!!! Why? One day of air pollution or some wet color is NOT going to kill anyone. In fact it’s its not their (teachers’) concern about environment – but the fact that they have become OLD enough to see the lighter side of life. Let everyone enjoy the way they want. The earth and its environment has been around for billions of years and would continue to exist forever (beyond our imaginations) So to f**k with all the holding back. Fire crackers and get drenched in wet dirty color. It’s just about one single day!

  5. @manpreet- i like u kids even more now! waiting for rasan to do that post..

    @nidhi- i keep tellin ya…come home!

    @SnS-thanks…ticker helps u make a ticker for ur blog…just like the one u see on mine rt now..

    @nova-thanks ..wish u the same..

    @HC-thanks..family n friends here have been turned into true blue bombaiyas…they meet/socialise after the festival!lol

    @jagjit-im kinda on the lets save the enviroment bandwagon…even if its for one day..i think we waste too much money on festivals

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